Kept meaning to write a 'proper' entry, but kept not being in the mood, so I'll just stop putting it off any longer and just write it before it's waaaay tooo looong...

Thursday 16th
Spent all day sat in interviews. But in a good way... )
Friday 17th
Last day at work, a huge rush to get through everything and leave on time... )
Drive to London for Synthetic Culture... )
Saturday 18th
Change of plans, the LVG/Neil Gaiman party... )
I didn't find out how young she was... )
Sunday 19th
Finally went shopping... )
Monday 20th
Slept all week... )
Saturday 25th
Parents house, an excessive gift... )
Sunday 26th
Watched Return of the King... )
However, it's very apparent I've messed my body clock up last week, I'm not sleepy and it's 5am. So, time to not sleep then turn in early tomorrow, sort the thing out. Normally works.

Oh yeah, The Temple got hacked Xmas eve. CJ fixed it, I'm really glad I talked the guys into bringing him on board, the tech side of website management is beyond me still...

[as, it appears, is formatting LJ entries. Why 'edit entry' creates a new entry each time I understand not...]
OK, I've been hating living back in Torbay. Main reason I've given is that the only half way decent bookshop is a WHSmith, which doesn't really count.

There's now an Ottakers. Yay! says I. Found out about it last week, went in it for the first time Wednesday, with my sister, to buy some Xmas presents. Bought a few books, looked around, she bought me a book that I'd been looking for. Managed to resist the temptation to buy stuff for myself. Was very tempting.

Went in again today. Was intending to buy a voucher for dad as a final present, and maybe a little something extra. £59 later...

Voucher and a Bill Bryson book for Dad. Jimmy Nails' autobiography for Mum (it was on offer and she's a fan). Um, I already had their presents.

Then there's the new Rory Bremner book, the first Game of Thrones book and the first series of Hitchhikers Guide on CD. Um, there's a sale on next week as well.

My bank balance is doomed, it's 5 minutes walk from the flat...

Oh yeah *checks date*

Bah Humbug to the lot of you...
Look, I put in a bio. And I put in a lot of interests. Then I got confused. BTW, [ profile] blacktone? You can't spell 'Ministry'.

My life in lots of words, no pictures, sorry... )
That's me. Arrogant bastard aren't I?
Picked Chris, Alica and Laurence up (almost ontime) outside the Great Western, then drove to Barnstable, we only got lost once despite me forgetting to look at the directions before leaving...

Good to see Sy down here from London, the Barnstable guys were their normal friendly selves. The "great" chippy they "always" goto on Sundays when in the vllage is, um, closed every Sunday, so junk food diets R us, but who cares.

I won an Ironhall challenge, Chris beat a Morrigan giving him two of each DL, he came first in the tournament, and as he was the only undefeated player and he was the only person that beat me, I came second! I seem to be doing better in tournaments recently, I guess having the best player in Europe as a pretty good friend helps. Using his decks definately helps.

Beyond that, very lazy weekend, and when I got back to the flat, the lounge and hallway lightbulbs went when I turned them on. Must talk tot he landlord about the electrics (again). That means cleaning the flat so he can get in though. I'll leave it for a bit...

So, I used my last spare bulb, and dug out the weird 'red' one I inherited fromt he previous occupant. It's got to be all of 20watts, if that, completely pointless. Ah well, I'll have to stumble around a bit tonight and buy some more ont he way home tomorrow.

Colleagues over from Germany again, this time the Head of the German office, a regular conatact I've never met, so should be an interesting day. she's bring one of our most important agents along, so I have to be nice and presentable. Oops, maybe should have done some laundry. Ah well.

Grotty cold is back, but that's usual. Spent some time trawliung around LJ communities again, I find a few of interest somehow, and people I know are already members. Figures. New people found though, including Dr Ben of Spin (really must have that argument properly again sometime Ben) and a crazy American over here that almost might be as left wing in some areas as me...

I'll stop rambling now. Night all. Mark? drink some hot chocolate. IT probably won't help, but that's what normally gets me to sleep.
12 days of Christmas )
And before anyone starts, it asked which of my friends I wanted for gifts. Hmm, attractive women, or my ugly male friends? I ran out of attractive women, only been doing this a month...

Another silly meme, from Sinju )
Some of them were, well, a bit vague, I guess I don't do favourite things that well.

Legend of the 5 Rings clan )
How did I get to be Phoenix? ah well, it's about as daft as Simon getting Scorpion.

Work a bit shit today, the boss asked when the mailing of the newsletter will be done, she wants it finished Monday. Um, that would be the newsletter I gave her to work on while I was on holiday? That she never gave back to me?

Gah! If she talked to me rather than assuming and then shouting, we might actually be a good team.

Never mind. Exeter tomorrow for silly games at Steve's shop, then Barnstable sunday for even more silly games, Sy#s down from London for that though, that'll be weird...
D&D character ), a true neutral gnome? I might not play the bloody game, but I know what it all means. Maybe I shouldn't have clicked 'running' as my weapon of choice...

Faerie character ). I even tried to not click all the answers obviously leading to this result. Still, she looks good, can I keep her?

It's December. That meant Xmas decorationsa re going up every-fucking-where. 1) Can we have our non-religious midwinter festival back from both the religious types (he wasn't born in December, the name has nothing to do with him, it's the festival (mas) of the return of the sun god (christ), look it up) and the commercialists?

The shop I used to work in, thankfully, banned decorations and 'holiday' music. MY office colleagues are putting tinsel up in the door windows. Still, I can ban music from the stereo in my office. Simple deal, so far, I put up with what she wants to listen to. If she insists on playing cheesy crap, I demand equal time for my tastes. I quick blast of Ministry of NiN should win the argument for me :-D
Godsdamn it! I decidd to update because I'd got a cool idea, but went to a few other tabs first. Now I'm back here and, um, it's gone. Ah well, just blither about the weekend I guess.

Went to the Bunker Saturday night, apparently got there about ten minutes after [ profile] mapp left. Still, [ profile] blacktone was there and [ profile] nadriel was down, so that meant there was a human to talk to and Mike to take the piss out of (lots, sorry Mike, but, well, open goals and all)...

Chris and Anne-Marie were there, which kinda segues me into my next bit. Y'see, I first met Chris when he was a customer in the shop I worked at. I'd left school, dropped out of college, and was working full time. He was 11. Anne-Marie, I met independently. I worked for her dad. Again, the time I met her, she was 11. Now, they're both functioning adults, and a pretty happy couple. Gods I feel old, of the 5 people in the nightclub I actually like talking to, two of them I've known, as an adult, since they were kids.

That, and the club was full of kiddies and teenygoths. Seems to be getting worse. That's not just me getting old. So few people there that were worth speaking to. I had to check probable age before admiring the women; half, on a proper look, were cute kids, not women yet, certainly too young for me. Gah! What the fuck happend to the Bunker being the hangout of people into their 20s? That's what it was like when I first moved to Exeter. Where are the students? Oy, Wordsworth, Franglen! What's happened to you lot bringing people down for me to talk to? It's getting to the point that I may stop going unless people tell me they'll be there. Ah well.

Watching Mike was fun. Mike? Next time we talk, a few more notes on technique needed methinks. That was one pretty impressive crash and burn. Still, a worthy effort...

Night all, job to go to tomorrow (not that I'll sleep tonight)...
K, spent last weekend at [ profile] nadriel's, and went to [ profile] synth_culture, which was, as before, very very cool.

Saw lots of people I knew as well, including Louise/"Gothic Britney" from the bunker who's now all grown up and studying up there, and Rich/Angel of Black, who lives in Salisbury now and was celebrating his birthday. Good mix of music, good mix of people, some very attractive women. And I even managed to sleep a bit on Mike's floor, despite the snoring. I'm considering a hotel closer to the venue for next month, if I make it. definately going again.

Saturday, I slept the morning, then went shopping in London. Bought the Best of Ministry CD and the new one (thanks to [ profile] tispity and [ profile] shadow_exe for going on about it and reminding me, very cool). Also bought Bauhaus Gotham, which turned out to be a live album, not a best of, but very cool nonetheless. Anyone know if Bauhaus has done a best of CD? Not a huge fan, but I like Ziggy and Bela Lugosi so I reckon I'll like more. Then I went to Waterstones Piccadilly. Large bookshops are really bad for my wallet. Bought the rest of Scott card's Ender books, which I've completed now; anyone who hasn't read it, read Ender's Game. Just do it. I also bought the then China Mieville and the new Jon Courtney Grimwood. Half way through the Mieville, bit more confusing than Perdido St Station, but very cool. Barry: China Mieville, Perdido St Station. Seriously, I suspect you'll love it.

Afterwards, went back to Mikes, chatted a bit, then drove home, got back to Torquay at 1.30am, 3.5 hours after leaving London; not bad journey time that, A303 was pretty clear...

Sunday, I woke up mid afternoon; then went to Exeter, played some games,t hen went back tot he flat to sleep.

Work? Well, Monday and Tuesday we had colleagues from Germany over; 2 I'd met before, good to see them again, in contact with both a lot by email so faces useful. 3 others, one actual agent from Munich, and two newer staff I also contact a lot. Sandra was nice. Michaela was gorgeous, and a vegetarian. Spent a lot of time chatting to her, and definately going to really push to get sent over there at some point soon. Damn my professionalism (and the untidy state of my flat, really must clean the place up if I'm going to start flirting with women again)...

Rest of the week has gone pretty quickly, read books in free time, slept a lot (really tired after germany/London) and got through a bit of work.

Ah well, off to have a shower, Mike down, so a Bunkering we go...
In response to [ profile] nadriel; 16 days between now and July?

Let's see. 12 days off next two weeks. Another 10 days reserved for the Xmas shutdown (compulsory). Took 3 days off for GenCon. Had two weeks off in August, a week of in March and a week off in May.

In theory, I get 28 days holiday a year. After all of the above, I'll still have about 50 hours to take back. Isn't time off in lieue nice? Of course, the complete lack of social life 3 months each year is annoying.

Anyway, definately last post before I leave the country unless I get bored waiting for the taxi tomorrow morning (possible).

ps; how are you supposed to link to other users? I just copied the sourcecode but there appears to be a generic method that I haven't spotted yet... [Edit: or, I could just read the FAQ, right? d'oh!]
OK, so everyone found this before I even had time to look.

Cool. Weird, but cool. Still, saved me having to figure out who people were, and I'd have never found Rox except through links from elsewhere.

Meh, just got here, now I'm going to be offline for 2 weeks; Germany here I come! Should be packing. Must pack. Tomorrow, right? I can pack tomorrow night. Or Thursday morning, coach isn't until 11, I can wake up early? Oh well, it's not like I was going to sleep tonight anyway; polls start closing soon, in the meantime 6 feet under is a bit crap tonight.
Meh, I got fed up commenting on other users journals anonymously. I even got close to my usual screenname, I just had to inser an initial.

Meh, I don't care. Now off to spam people and find out what this 'friends list' is...
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