This is very very cool. MySociety have finished [ profile] chrislightfoot's (RIP) London travel-time maps with the help of some cash from the Department of Transport. You can play around with a flash version that compares travel time to Westminster with property prices, etc. Rather nice. The hotspots nearer the edges around train stations and tube stops are a nice touch.

[ profile] rhythmaning brings us The Future of Social Networking: PensionBook

The New Bond movie is called Quantum of Solace, based around a short story in For Your Eyes Only, which I think I've read. Daft title, anyway. But more important, a new MI6 agent will be played by Gemma "Head Girl from St. Trinian's" Arterton. Sorry, I'll stop drooling now. So that's one we'll be going to see then.

Lastly, um, WTF? DC Comics to kill off Batman?
DC says issue 676 - entitled Batman R.I.P - will "change the legend of the Dark Knight forever!". The blurb adds: "Who will live? Who will die? Who will be Batman? The answers are sure to shock you in Batman R.I.P."
They "killed off" Superman, now what, Bruce Wayne dies but Grayson take son the mantle? Or something even more daft. Written by Grant Morrison, so there is at least hope that it's not awful. Hope, I said. Ever the optimist, me.
Email from Tom Steinberg of MySociety. They've been adding a few things to various sites. Including TheyWorkForYou.

Added a lot more of those entitled to speak in the House of Lords. Of course, some of those people only speak once or twice a year. This one might be considered a must have:
If you've been around here for a bit, you've seen me mention [ profile] chrislightfoot a few times. If you've missed it, I'd posit a guess that if you're British, you've been to a site he helped build, possibly without even knowing it. It was announced today on his weblog that he passed away last month. This was followed up by tributes from his two main employers, Tom Steinberg of MySociety and Phil Booth of If your friends list or feed aggregator has as much overlap with mine as is likely, you've seen many links and tributes already. Here's another.

So, how do I know you've been to a site he built? Easy. How about the Downing Street petitions website (credit)? If you haven't been there, even to simply trawl around, or look at the news story du jure, then you've missed a trick. What about , the site that allows you to contact your elected representatives for free online, after a simple postcode search? It's how I first contacted Adrian, and I was very impressed. has been less of a success, but is still a damn fine idea. PledgeBank? Simply awesome, one of my favourite ideas for a site, and I'm signed up to a few and a couple ongoing relevent pledges, Refuse being the one that first got my attention. And then there's Downing Street Says ([ profile] number10says), breaking the lobby correspondent secrecy wide open.

But not only was he am innovative and engaged site builder, without whom many of the more innovative online democracy projects may not have been possible, but he was also a top blogger, with a fine analytical streak. Here's a series of articles debunking the loons at the Association of British Drivers. Those links were via Tim at [ profile] bloggerheads, and he has many more in a fitting tribute.

As for memes? Political Survey 2005 was one of the better at the last election (mine from then and one I just did); looks like I've moved half a point into the centre, not that that makes a difference really. As for why he was a blogger's blogger? He paid attention to referrals and commented on my post taking issue with his axes labelling; nice to know we were both right, for different reasons.

Normally, I cut a post of this length. Not this one. I'm a humanist, I don't believe in an afterlife, I believe that all that matters is your legacy, what you've left behind you, what you've achieved, how you'll be remembered. In Chris's case, he did more in 28 years than I'm likely to achieve in my life. He'll be missed. If the comments on the memorial post on his blog read like a who's who of British blogging, the tributes below the cut are indicative of his influence.

A linklog of other tributes, long and short )
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Jan. 14th, 2006 06:35 pm
Via [ profile] chrislightfoot and [ profile] lightfoot_links we have

An automated reminder service online. Hmm, how many ways can this help me...
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