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Yeah, happy new wossname and all that. Everyone else texting so might as well. Hub, Exeter. Quiet but fun, just danced to Ministry and NiN was good.

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I don't, normally, do them. Although some of these are not bad:
10> Yoda: I will stop talking like a backwater rube and speak using normal grammar like every one else. My resolution this is. Damn!
But, y'know, maybe new year, new start, new town; some resolutions? Well, maybe some vague plans. OK.
  1. If it's a day that I'm not being paid to be anywhere, I'll try to at least get out of bed before noon. NB, climbing back into bed and deciding to read a good book or watch a DVD is perfectly acceptable, as long as I've got up at least once. I failed to do this yesterday and today. Ah well, it's not January yet.
  2. As I'm moving to a town where there are things to do in the evenings, cultural activities of note and a variety of different clubs and bars, I'll try to actually make use of them, sometimes. Maybe. In Torquay, I've an excuse for not getting out more, but in London?
  3. I'll stop reduce the amount of time I spend taking the piss out of [ profile] nadriel. NB; these are aspirations, not promises
  4. I'll try to remember to put the newspapers for recycling before they're 6 months old. Keeping huge piles of them doesn't have a point at all now they're all archived online, and I never actually went back to refer to them anyway
  5. Drink more. SRSLY, I barely drink at all, which is daft. I include within this finding more things I like to drink than whiskey and cider.
  6. Stop trying to make long pointless lists you know no one is reading. Ah, ok then...
It's, officially, the last day of the year 2006. Not figured out yet where I'll be in 23 hours time, at least two options appeal, Hub where [ profile] byteback and others are DJing, or THTXB, where many other friends will be. We'll see.

All this assumes, of course, that I get out of bed at all. I might, possibly, write a review of the Torchwood DVD extras, if I can be bothered; anyone specifically want me to? Lack of a response does not mean I won't, but getting one means I might actually make some effort...
Meh. Couldn't be arsed to arrange anything, so I stayed in.

No resolutions, can't be arsed, I do stuff when I want, change my plans at whim and continue to practice the fine arte of procrastination.

Oh, and I still hate fucking fireworks.
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