YouTube - Money money money: David Abrahams and Labour:
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I cannot understand how a party can come into office, say they're going to clean up politics, pass a law demanding transparency in party funding, then perpetually break the damn law they themselves passed. Given all the hoops party administrators are supposed to go through dealing with donations (and yes, the lower end of that admin was something I had to do both while temping in Cowley St and before when on the Exeter exec), it's especially galling to see senior Labour types just ignoring them. Don't these damn fools have training? Or the ability to think? Still, at least one of them has done the decent thing, but again, too early to save flack spreading out—you have to resign after someone calls for it, otherwise they go after someone else. Bloody stupid Westminster games.

[ profile] now_show recording was great, pub afterwards with [ profile] innerbrat was also cool, even if the annoying drunk talking VERY LOUDLY was a little too loud for me to hear at times. If you're at all interested in taking the piss out of the whole recent debacle, 6.30pm Friday or noon Saturday, BBC Radio 4—you should know this already but some people seem to have an aversion to the channel that, for some obscure reason, also hosts The Archers; no, I don't like that either. Complete with Vince "power" Cable and any many jokes about missing details, lost CDs and the mysteriously appearing donations. Oh, and assuming it gets broadcast, Mitch does a great little ditty about Emma Clarke the voice of the Tube—because she used to be one of the Now Show cast as well. Gordon seems to have forgotten that the breakdown of any relationship, whether with the electorate or a partner, always ends up in an argument of CDs.

I suspect Robin Ince's monologue will get cut to ribbons. I suspect it'll need to be the amount of it that he fluffed up trying to present it.
Weird, I haven't posted for the best part of a week, and even then it's been link/discuss. Um, yeah, alive. Can't claim busy (although I can proclaim exhaustion I think).

Have loads of stuff I kinda-sorta want to post about, including a few damn fine books I've read or am reading (Vallance's The Glorious Revolution being top of the list, a book about events in 1688 still has many many modern echoes that nearly inspired a post or three). But, well, actual inclination to do so lacking. A bit of a meh mood really—when I'm in Yorkshire, I'm either working or wanting to spend time with SB, when I'm down here I'm recovering.

OTOH, very busy week this week—just got back in from the London leadership hustings for the Lib Dems, and, um, yeah—two damn fine candidates that I'd be happy to see as leaders, both very very good. Consensus in the pub from those who've been members longer than me is that both were better than any of the three from last year. Given that one of them was a candidate last year, well, competition + experience = bonus in this case.

Tomorrow I go, hopefully, to see/hear Iain M. Banks get interviewed at Imperial, although timing on that one is difficult, it starts at 6pm and I technically finish work at 6p. Ah well, finish early I guess.

Then Thursday I have tickets for the [ profile] now_show. Friday, probably, going out somewhere, then Saturday back oop north. Memo to self: book tickets for journey. Am reading entries, just not commenting much, spending a lot of time haging out on various Lib Dem places trying to see if anyone can persuade me &c. Also, my attept to port my twitterings to Facebook has worked fine, but they're not showing up here, which is annoying.
Righty-Ho. [ profile] synth_culture was fun last night, met up with [ profile] nearly_everyone in the Doric Arches, then went on the the Egg to meet up with everyone else. Was good. Am still recovering from the hugely long bus journey home, in which the TFL timetables with set times made no sense at all ever. Still, was good to use my bus-fu and get us back via circuitous routes successfully...

Bah, you don't want to hear about my boring life, you want links! Yay links! Not many of them, because, y'know, not spending much time online *looks at SB* yes, well, *ahem*

A very cool flash based clock with pretty coloured spirals (via). ETA: Paul in the comments also points out there's downloadable screensaver as well. While I'm currently sticking to my Life on Mars clock, timekeeping screensavers rule.

Also, for those of you that regularly post IM conversations onto your LJ, this nice little IM LJ-ifier would make reading the darn conversations actually, y'know, do-able...

Oh yeah, last nights Now Show is now available to download (MP3) and being the BBC they even have it as a podcast as well. Go, listen, hear me laugh in the audience. OK, I'm one of many may, but, y'know...
Righty ho; quick update, went with [ profile] snapesbabe to a recording of The [ profile] now_show last night, have written up a report here for those interested, was a great show, and will be worth listening to at 18.30 this evening or lunchtime tomorrow. I did decide during the recording that I really fancy Sue Perkins, but, regrettably, appears I'm not her type.

Beyond that, happy, relaxed, and about to go cook lunch. And for those on her friends list, no, she still hasn't put any clothes on. I, naturally, am not complaining...
Right, went out last night in London (as [ profile] nadriel had a former appointment with his Warcrack addiction), to see a recording of the Now Show. Met up unexpectedly with [ profile] scorpionchild and also with [ profile] bopeepsheep, who, by random chance, is a maintainer of a community I joined yesterday morning. So, I wrote up the report not here, but at [ profile] yeoldelj, The Now Showwe. Looks like an amusing project, go join...

Tonight, [ profile] synth_culture and we're meeting various people in the pub at Euston Station (called, The Winchester/The Head of Steam The Doric Arch apparently, but incase it's changed again it's the one that enters onto the bus station) from about 8.30pm.

Tomorrow, still planning on going to Oxford to that Dreddcon thing. [ profile] juggzy, you still interested? No idea whereabout you're based, but I'd be looking at taking the 11.21 from Paddington it looks like. In the evening, with luck, meeting up with [ profile] jantshira to catch up, haven't seen her since the summer.

Mat is happy. Mat has had a good, relaxing week in which he's acheived very little. Life is OK. Oh yeah. Buy a Euromillions ticket tonight. [ profile] jiggery_pokery has done the maths, because of the rollover and guaranteed payout, the maths, for once, is in the favour of the punter.
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