Righty ho landlubbers. After decamping to Bournemouth for a week, we've ended up down in Devon as a) it's just down the road and b) my cousin's getting married Saturday.

This is good, especially as it means I get to go see The Pyrates again. Yup, on International Talk like a Pirate day, my mates Tim and David have booked their band a gig (I last saw them just after I moved to London last year and enjoyed the night).

So, SB and I are planning to travel up to Exeter tomorrow (partially as there's a co-op branch to pay some cheques in), and Do Stuff, then decamp to the Firehouse to see folks in the evening.

If anyone fancies meeting up for lunch mid-afternoon snack and/or coming to t'pub with us in the evening, then just shout.

Oh, if anyone wants to walk us around the new(ish) bits of town and help me not get lost, that'd also be cool...
Right then, one of the most popular suggestions in my previous post is walking, specifically along the river. Also suggested is the boat trip and the Barbican. Given that I'd alrteady hoped to catch the Seduced exhibition anyway, I figure could combine elements of the ideas. So, anyone else interested in joining me on Saturday:
Seduced explores the representation of sex in art through the ages. Featuring over 300 works spanning 2000 years, it brings together Roman sculptures, Indian manuscripts, Japanese prints, Chinese watercolours, Renaissance and Baroque paintings and 19th century photography with modern and contemporary art.
Open till 8pm, tickets are £8, plan is to try to be there at about 5pm, so people can either meet up for that specifically, or join me earlier for a trip along the Thames in some capacity or other (the cheaper the better but boats might be an option.

Anyone care to join us?
Life is good, money is tight, work's going OK, I'm probably moving to Yorkshire sooner rather than later and would like to make the best of London while I'm about )

What are your three favourite things to do in London?

What would you most recommend to people, what do you like to do most, etc. Including events, clubs, museums, attractions, cafes, etc.

When's the best time to go there, is it best to go with a group, and would you like to take/show me (and others?) around, etc?

Specifically, thie Friday I plan to go to Inferno again, haven't been for ages, anyone else want to come along? Other than that, I have no plans at all any evening or Saturday--suggestions very welcome. No guarantee I'll be able to do stuff, but odds are I'd like to rather than not like to.
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