Those of you enjoying this supposedly "glorious" weather? Spare a thought for those of us that just cannot function in this heat. At all.

Notwithstanding the photic sneeze reflex making going outside (and even driving) a little annoying, the massively high risk of skin cancer groups I'm in from both sides of my family, my brain just seizes up when it's this hot.

I moved to the North to get away from this sort of weather damnit!

European elections linkdump and ramble )

Coherence might happen tomorrow, if I a) get some sleep and b) have a good brain day.

Appeal, if you live in London, consider voting for Jonathan Fryer, he bought me beer and is thus a top bloke )

Sorry, I said my brain was fried, right?

In the meantime, [personal profile] miss_s_b dragged me to B&Q today so she could buy more plant pots and stuff to put in them. We got more basil, rocket, oregano and other useful stuff. She also bought a chilli plant. It's a chilli that'll burn your mouth off at 50 paces. It's sat next to her at her computer desk as it needs to be brought in at night.

She's called it George.

I'm doomed.
[1]Honest, it would be.
OK then, hmm, question first, or praise for a shop first. I'll go with the praise.

After multiple (multiples) of you out there have suggestedI buy shampoo from Lush. ) I'm a bit of a cynical git when it comes to shopping and ) my heart sunk, as dealing with crappy shop assistants is the bane of my shopping life. Except...

She asked the right questions, demonstrated how to use it, )was friendly, helpful, useful and at no point did I get annoyed. Very impressive. And having just had a bath using the shampoo she suggested, I think she gave me good advice. Yes, my hair does smell vaguely of coal tar, but hopefully the London water inspired dandruff will die off soon. Hopefully.

Which brings me onto my question. I'm a shower person,  )I don't really do baths. But the new place has got one, and it is quite nice to lie back, relax and read a good book while soaking for a bit.

So, given my complete ignorance of all things bath like, the question for those that take them regularly is...

How the hell do you wash your hair?

ETA:Thank you to Miss Freddie and [ profile] silentgreeneyes for almost simultaneously suggesting the obvious thing I'd missed. Danke.
Bear in mind, for those that don't know me, that this is more of an issue for my more than 2 foot long hair than it is for the average bloke...

Lovely footnoterphone goodness )
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