Nov. 1st, 2005

List seven songs... )
Tag 7 people to keep doing it? Ok, I got tagged by [ profile] stonefox84 and [ profile] johnwordsworth. Who's from Bude. So it's only fair to tag [ profile] susannah_banana, what with her being a famous DJ and all (Hi Suze!). So, having tagged a DJ, how about a club promoter? [ profile] ollyb. Meh, bored with explanations. [ profile] nadriel, [ profile] tiredstars, [ profile] faeriecween, [ profile] aliennurai and, um, [ profile] lithium_doll, but only because she keeps proclaiming she's not a goth so I want to know what she does like...

The value of my blog(s)... )
It measures how many blogs link to your blog, but only those that ping, which I think is only paid accounts on LJ. A mention of a named lj user (like [ profile] matgb) links to the /users/username not the username.livejournal so you don't get links to there. But still, tis suitably silly.

Oh, happy birthday today to [ profile] daweaver, tomorrow to [ profile] _mindrape_ and the day after to [ profile] rx_ritalin. On that, can a non-paid user tell me what they get when they go to My LJ Portal? Sheer curiosity.
Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far.

I was loading this page while putting a CD into my traditional, real stereo. I did think that maybe I should use the shiny box, but, well, I think I'll stick to something that can't be reprogrammed without my knowledge thanks. [ profile] theweaselking once again provides the link, dial up peeps may wish to not be loading anything else, impressive number of screenshots.
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