Jul. 5th, 2006

Hell's Handmaiden:
If the assumption of God is dropped, we have to conclude that humanity has generated its moral codes in the absence of God. That is, if we drop the undemonstrable proposition that God is responsible for morality, it becomes apparent that humans have always done precisely what certain apologists claim is not possible– live by moral systems not derived from God, though frequently attributed to a God or gods.

-"Atheists are bad, bad people… man" Pt one, two and three
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Vegetarianism (and veganism) is essentially, a personal, moral, choice. I can't eat meat. Paul can't see animals exploited at all (I can, if it's not cruel). I'm a committed atheist. If I've no morality, how can I have made such a strong moral choice and stuck to it for 14 years?
[livejournal.com profile] sinju asks me matgb - Which is cooler...pirates or Ford Prefect?, to which my response is...

I can't decide. Y'see, Ford, definately cool. Very cool. The man invented the pan-galactic gargle blaster, right? How can that not be cool. But, on the other hand, pirates. So...

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The meme in total thing isn't a bad one, I'll try to do it when I'm not, say, in the office at 20.30 on a Wednesday...
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