There now follows an advert. For which I am not getting paid. Because, well, it's for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

I think the reason for me posting this video should be apparent to all. It's not available for preorder on Amazon yet. I've checked.
the full press release )
May is also when I can renew my phone contract so I can get over the immense phone envy I am suffering over Jennie's new N8.
Earlier today, I said in passing:
Of course, my main problem with pastafarianism is the pirate obsession; everyone knows ninjas are better than pirates.
This, it appears, was a controversial statement. pirates are cool, ninjas are better, QED )So we come to the conclusion. Pirates are cool. Everyone knows pirates are cool. Well, unless you're in, for example, the Brazilian navy, and have to fight against the bastards every day, or your ship gets attacked by them and you get killed. Ninjas? Ninjas don't exist, they have never existed, they are a figment of your imagination, peasant superstitions, foolishness. That shadow you think you saw? Merely a curtain in the moonlight. Those shuriken taking out your guards? Don't be silly man, it didn't happen.

Completely incidental aside, before I turn in. [ profile] lokean has had an LJ for longer than me, reads his friends list a lot but rarely posts. I think he a) needs more LJ friends and b) should post more often. For those at [ profile] nadriel's birthday last weekend, he was the lunatic that kept buying me drinks (thanks for them BTW mate, much appreciated). So, well, you all know what to do, right?
I've just written a brief op-ed on the Great Haribo Schism over at [ profile] pastafarians. Oh yeah, if I hadn't already mentioned it, [ profile] venganza_fsm, you know what to do...

Swords iconIn addition, [ profile] innerbrat has made the icon we talked about Sunday, one that will definately be of interest to [ profile] faeriecween and [ profile] freddiefraggles

And then we have [ profile] unimag's guide to American spotting online, well worth a read:
Food Obsession
No, this isn't an 'Americans are fat' comment5; I'm talking about posting pictures of food. And talking about food. At every opportunity. When a British person posts about having a meal, we post about what happened during the meal - anecdotes that were told, stupid stuff that happened, people getting insulted, Aunt Gladys choking to death on the meringue... entertaining things like that.

Americans, on the other hand, post about the food. With pictures of the food. If we're especially lucky, the people who were actually eating the food might get mentioned (in passing), but only if it doesn't shift the focus away from the food too much.
(via [ profile] metaquotes, which has been a bit poor recently)
Meh. Um, yeah, pirates. Talk like a seagoing criminal day? historical seagoing criminal day? Spacegoing criminal day? Humourless git day?

I like movie pirates. I like pop culture pirates. I also, (whispers) like ninjas. Like most Lib Dems, I want it both ways and am somewhere in between. Thoughts on the modern term 'pirate' )

So, yeah, talk like a pirate. Use a silly icon. Have a giggle. Only, LJ? Next time you decide to celebrate International Talk like a pirate day? Could you make it so the little tricks you put on the profile and update pages showed up for people using English English as well as US/LJ English? Thx muchly.

notes from the basement

[ profile] lithium_doll managed to get to 1000 comments. Utter insanity. Cool.

Also? How not to hunt for a place to live in London. Not a good day. More seriously, [ profile] jantshira really could do with a stroke of luck finding a room to rent in London. If anyone reading this knows someone that could help?
[ profile] sinju asks me matgb - Which is cooler...pirates or Ford Prefect?, to which my response is...

I can't decide. Y'see, Ford, definately cool. Very cool. The man invented the pan-galactic gargle blaster, right? How can that not be cool. But, on the other hand, pirates. So...

[Poll #762673]

The meme in total thing isn't a bad one, I'll try to do it when I'm not, say, in the office at 20.30 on a Wednesday...
matgb: Artwork of 19th century upper class anarchist, text: MatGB (grrr-argh)

Cap'n Jack

Mar. 30th, 2006 01:14 am
Captain Jack Sparrow

Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?

Hmm. Is anyone actually surprised by that one?

Which is worse, I did the meme, or felt the need to correct the html and add alt and title text? Still, [ profile] mapp is Barbossa. I win.

Aside, but related to an earlier similar meme. Which one of you gits voted for me as "women pirate"?
This is cool:

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
You can also view a breakdown of results or put one of these on your own page!
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Via [ profile] active_apathy, you go click and vote on what sort of pirate I be. Not a bad little idea for a meme. Much better than that johari/nohari thing, which, now I've finally managed to get to the site (server overload is such a bitch...) I've decided I hate.
Avast shipmates, proper clobber. Sorry, but, well, I know some people will like it that read this...

But, more importantly: for all your forum needs. Especially if you happen to like Critical Miss a lot, or find [ profile] jonnynexus particularly funny.
And it is still the stated opinion of the management that swearing is both big and clever, so the profanity filter is off.
Not that I'm likely to remember to go back there more than once a week at best, I've gone off forums these days. A lot.
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