Dec. 6th, 2006

Hmm. [ profile] theweaselking gives us a slice of life:
Dalek/Whateley slashfic )
And in the comments, [ profile] torrain explains the Whateley family:
The creative team of Deadlands/Doomtown (apparently quite aware that the game could also have been called Cthulhu and Sixguns without missing a stylistic beat) took a degenerate little three-person (four-person?) family called the Whateleys from H.P. Lovecraft's short story "The Dunwich Horror".

They then turned them into the kind of festering, corrupt, and sadly wide-spread (if not always properly branching) family tree to be found this side of a soap opera, gave them all the kind of upbringing you could expect from a marriage between Ed Gein and Lucretia Borgia, taught them to play poker with rules cribbed striaght out of the Necronomicon, shined them up enough that they could pass for not-immediately-lynchable in public, and set them loose on unsuspecting PCs and innocent civilians.

The Whateleys *rock*.
I just figured a fair few of my f-list would like aspects of that. Need to rebuild some decks and play Doomtown again...
I'm ill. That's, of course, not Debi's fault. It's only a mild cold, but my concentration has gone to pot. That's not her fault either. What is her fault? Well, rather than spending the evening doing the things I meant to do? I've been hitting "random comic" at [ profile] jesus_and_mo. Today's offering:
What's wrong with believing God had to commit suicide in order to pay himself the debt humans owed him because their ancestors were persuaded by a talking snake to eat a forbidden fruit?
Just keep clicking around. Not, of course, for the easily offended. Or the humour impaired. But it's kept me happy all evening.

Of course, one of the things I should have been reading today waas the membership pack I received in the post for the British Humanist Association. I joined it last week after a discussion at [ profile] bagrec's (about the point that about 50% of Britain appear to actually be atheist by inclination) reminded me of my decision to do so when next I had some cash, I was prompted to when Linda Smith died and I found out she'd been their president.

Reading through the literature, I might find out more about becoming an Officiant. Might.

There should be another post to follow, about the spammers I mentioned last week, but, well, my ability to type straight has gone to pot :-(
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