Doomtown Reloaded is launched at Gencon this coming weekend, with a worldwide release date set for September 8th.

Writing the official pre-launch FAQ for a card game from scratch is even less fun than I thought it was going to be. Doing it just from PDFs of the cards and rulebook? Yeah…

My brain hurts. Still, one of the AEG forum mods made this rather nifty set of Doomtown Avatars including ones scaled for DW/LJ size, so you get Deputy Wendy Cheng pointing a rifle at you for now.

There's even a chance I might consider changing my default icon, if I'm to be the Sheriff of this game then I might as well be the Sheriff, at least on occasions.

Reading around various news sites, and the pre Con buzz for several of them is that D&D5th and Doomtown are the games people are anticipating at Gencon. Given some of the other games launching, that's impressive. It also means a whole lot of geeky gamers asking me pesky questions for quite some time. Which, on the one hand, is good, a succesfull (re)launch means the game has legs. On the other hand…

Oh, I setup [community profile] doomtown, but haven't a clue what to do with it yet.
OK, just got in, and rather than do my usual friends list read then attempt to update, if I update first I might actually get an entry in tonight, n'est ce pas? Anyway, a meme from [ profile] frightened that I've always liked the look of before anyway:
explain three icons and three interests. Comment and I'll demand explanations for yours.
She gave me:
Interests: "china miéville"; "george r. r. martin"; "steph swainston".

Icons: "Anarchist Fineas"; "Categories" (Captain Jack quote?); "Temptation".
And, well, I should've known someone would ask about dear old Fineas. Anyway, interests first. Curious that she choe the three authors, but not too hard to explain. China Miéville and the 'New Weird' )

Edit (before posting even), any idea how hard it is to write a post with lots of well researched links when your wireless craps out every five minutes? Yeah, this is fun. The above paragraph? 40 minutes it's taken me to get this far. The connection has been mostly fine for ages, but today? *kicks PC* Please to be imagining there are more links in the above (and below), because there was meant to be.
Steph Swainston and a book signing ). GRRM, board games and evil knights )
Now, those next two paragraphs? Half an hour. With many many kicks. I'm going to save a draft and reboot the machine. FFS.


Fineas von LandinghamFineas - Mad scientist anarchist with a taste for dropping bombs from blimps )

CategoriesOn the pointless nature of trying to define people by what they are, not who they are )

TemptationOn icon philosphy, and LJ sponsored communities )

[1]Thursday, June 7th with a mass signing at Waterstones Piccadilly (5:30pm - 7pm) with Steph Swainston, myself, John Lambshead, Andrew Dennis, Steve Savile, Eric Brown, David Devereux, Jon Courtenay Grimwood and Robert Holdstock. [ profile] tyrell is also planning to be there, [ profile] jantshira / [ profile] faeriecween? I know you both like Steph, pretty sure you liked Jon as well but I forget.

[2] Who, let's face it, should be on everyone's friends list, just because, ok?  Plus, she looked damn hot in the outfit she wore to Sin City Friday night, which is an added bonus in a friend I always think. Don't believe me? Reflections and Opinion. Go read. Plus, did I mention the dinosaurs? Yeah, she plays with dino bones for a living.

ETA: TWO HOURS this post took to get online and edited for my little tags not being closed errors. Two hours. Gah!
Dude. Dude!. Pinnacale have switched to Wordpress as a CMS, and have a nice little survey going. What games have you played of ours, and, um, what would you like to buy next. One of the options is a CCG.

Pinnacle want to know if we'd like a Deadlands themed CCG.

Now, my ever humlbe and loving friends list. Don't all queue up at once. Go tell them yes. Now. PLZKTHX.

And for those wondering what the hell I'm talking about, and those wondering where my icons/personal avatar bloke come from, that'd be it. Doomtown. Best damned CCG ever released.

Which reminds me, really ought to mail them anyway to check out if they can give me any image files for the new DT site I'm sortof building in the background...
Hmm. [ profile] theweaselking gives us a slice of life:
Dalek/Whateley slashfic )
And in the comments, [ profile] torrain explains the Whateley family:
The creative team of Deadlands/Doomtown (apparently quite aware that the game could also have been called Cthulhu and Sixguns without missing a stylistic beat) took a degenerate little three-person (four-person?) family called the Whateleys from H.P. Lovecraft's short story "The Dunwich Horror".

They then turned them into the kind of festering, corrupt, and sadly wide-spread (if not always properly branching) family tree to be found this side of a soap opera, gave them all the kind of upbringing you could expect from a marriage between Ed Gein and Lucretia Borgia, taught them to play poker with rules cribbed striaght out of the Necronomicon, shined them up enough that they could pass for not-immediately-lynchable in public, and set them loose on unsuspecting PCs and innocent civilians.

The Whateleys *rock*.
I just figured a fair few of my f-list would like aspects of that. Need to rebuild some decks and play Doomtown again...
Meme time. Well, not really.

All over my friends page, people are doing that "the problem with LJ is we don't know each other really" meme. For some reason, and I suspect it's completely irrational, they always piss me off. This specific one is more because, for the most part, everyone reading this knows me or a friend, with I think 2 exceptions. I've sat in a bar, played a game, thrown things at and in a few cases slept with you or someone you know. If you want to know something about me, well, asking shouldn't require a meme, right? It's not like I hide my email addresses (and hindsite says desiging a friends website and putting my email address as a contact instead of a link was a stoopid idea, especially when his domain host is Geocities...) or other contact details.

So, instead, open thread. What do you want to talk about? Anything at all. Even baboons or monkey sex. I'm f-locking the post just so you can say what you like.

OK, I'm ill, and I'm a cynical old bastard. But you all know that anyway.
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