Jan. 13th, 2011

I'm in the process of adapting and updating the Delicious Glue script for use on Dreamwidth. It's what powers my daily linkdumps, and I find it very useful.

The current version is http://notzen.com/mat/Delicious-Glue.zip and contains the script itself, a required XMLRPC bit of code, and some CSS that can be adapted for your journal to make the posts look good (also useful for anyone to put in for their Reading page if several friends are using it).

I plan to write a how-to on the whole thing when I've finished everything, but I'm having a few technical problems fixing some less important areas that I'd like to have work (over here if you're interested), especially setting a post security level. ETA: problems solved, me making schoolboy errors, all now updated, how to and instructions to follw when I've got time.

In the meantime, as I've not time to write it all up with screenshots right now, better to have it out there for those that do want it. You'll need your own server, running PHP5 or higher, or find someone with server space to donate (I am very grateful to [personal profile] andrewducker for both fixing the time zone issue and donating hosting space for me). If you get stuck, holler here as it'll help me figure out what needs to be in the walkthrough.
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I'm the Chair of the Brighouse branch of the Liberal Democrats & the membership secretary for Calderdale Lib Dems and run the web campaign for the local candidates. I have a job, a stepdaughter and a life.

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