There are still some things about the settings on this laptop that confuse me. To save a PSD from ImageReady as a Gif, if the source file was a jpg, I have to edit it with photoshop. But then when saving it from photoshop it says "saved using ImageReady" in the dialogue. But I can't find that dialogue in ImageReady. Not an issue at all, just weird. Anyway, made a new icon (some might recognise it from one of my old forum sigs, back when silly kids used to complain I wasn't nice enough when answering their idiot rules questions), and also updated a few already existing but not very good icons.

Citizen, Gentleman Keywords: Citizen, Gentleman
Words from Dr Who, idea by [ profile] calapine, with a background by [ profile] anabel_icons—I liked this when I first saw it, but she'd messed up the spelling, I animated it but messed up. I was said by Hartnell in The Daleks' Master Plan (reviewed here by [ profile] nhw, a fairly high google result for the phrase), and is thus cool.

Goth, Goth Rome Keywords: Goth, Goth Rome
Animated by me, original art by SJGames—I've just always liked it, but the old version was a bit too fast and fairly static, now I've figured out how to do more frames, why not? NB, when I use it from now on I'll use the 'Goth' keyword, the 'Goth Rome' is merely there for backwards compatibility...

Think, Don't Think Keywords: Think
Russian intellectual catechism, from a t-shirt by New Statesman magazine—This comes back to my hatred of the UK libel laws, John Major, then Prime Minister, sued the New Statesman for printing an article asserting he wasn't having an affair with his caterer. The suit was spurious, and it was eventually dropped, but not until after the distributors and printers (because they can get sued to, as can a paperboy) settled out of court, and the Staggers indemnity insurance wasn't good enough.

A few more still to do, but I think I like animating quote icons like this, need to sort the timing out a little on these but overall I'm happy. Opinions?
ETA: Above images are updated versions after feedback, they'll probably get messed around with again.
OK then; I've got so behind posting stuff that hald the links I stored are done already. Meh, have some of the best/more recent while I keep sorting things out.

Softpedia reports that Windows Vista is essentially spyware and Microsoft will be able to track a big chunk of what you do; yes, they're unlikely to pick on individuals, but the EULA gives them carte blanche to give everything away.

Cthuugle--the H. P. Lovecraft search engine. Do Werewolves Roam The Woods Of England? Probably not, but some interesting stuff, even if the guy writing it is a bit, shall we say, touched? How about instead a bunch of 3-D Starmaps? So very very cool.

Reading this Register article on Conservapedia I discover the wonder that is RationalWiki, a slightly satirical riposte to the loons and their delusions. Conservapedia has managed to clean up all the blatant vandalism that it got hit with soon after it launched. Now the edits are much more subtle.

On the subject of wikis, anyone fancy a game of Wikington Crescent? Very very silly way to kill time, but you never know. [ profile] sunflowerkits recently attended a Gothic Bellydance workshop and has videos of some of the teachers dancing; it is actually very impressive, and I'm not just saying that because they're also quite hot.

On to a bit of politics. My old friend [ profile] paulatpingu compares Gordon Brown's position to that of Londo Mollari. Yes, that Londo Mollari, the one with the silly hair and the tentacle penis. Scarily, he's actually got a point, although as I commented there it's not going to happen any time soon.

Silliness. Turn the subjects from any feed (including your public LJ posts) and burn them into Lol!cats. Results can vary between the impressive, the funny and the downright stupid. And of course there's an online macro generator, which even works from LJ userpics. Yes, I've ued it, and it's actually not a bad overall tool for quick-and-dirty actual design work.

Lastly? How about a survivors guide to Doctor Who fandom? So very true, especially the Rose-fen; I only really started follwing the online fans since Torchwood started, and seriously, they scare me. Especially the Jack/anto shippers. SRSLY, they're warped. Not interested? Ok, how about an economic argument against the smoking ban combined with an assertion that passive smoking isn't actually dangerous. Ok, that last comes from the Torygraph, and is thus a little sus, but not hugely, the science he researches is real, and I remain of the opinion that car exhaust fumes do more damage than someone else's smoke ever will.

Not bad that, cleaned 16 links out of the folder. You really don't want to know how many there are in total. Trust me on this. Oh, look at that, I've managed to do that silly Doctor Who quote meme without even trying. Bargain.
Via [ profile] oletheros, we present conclusive proof that bleepy music should be banned. Because, y'know, who wants a sun tan?

The obligatory Mat has a mild sunlight allergy comment is inserted here for new readers. I'm not just pale because I'm a goth...
For those not on [ profile] altexe in Exeter...
Exeter Rock/Goth night at the Hub, Saturday 16th December )
So, who's in, and who's able to give me somewhere to crash?

Also, the following weekend, 22nd/23rd? I get paid, and it's my last day of work in my current job. I fancy doing something, probably involving sitting in a pub with a lot of friends putting the world to rights. Anyone fancy a) joining me and b) nominating a good pub in Exeter to do so in?

NB: Good pub. This rules out anything in the J.D. Wetherspoons chain of theme bars.
Hmm, not sure what to think on this one. [ profile] mendees, having moved to Exeter, is thinking of going to the Cavern tomorrow night. Fine, fairly normal. To see a band called "Betty Curse". The lead singer of which is a persona created by Megan Burns, the actress who played Hannah in 28 Days Later. Now, of course, she's 20, not 13/14 as she was at the time of the film. And, um, she looks pretty good from what I can find (band Myspace, her Myspace). She's also, it appears from a few interviews, fairly switched on.

However, she's backed by Island Records quite heavily, the contact section of the site (no direct link, not possible, see below) essentially promises to spam you with stuff about all their bands that might be of interest, and it just oozes marketing shill. Musings on how the marketing men take over the world, and how it turns us all into (too) cynical gits... )

So, cool new artist with both track record to appeal, the looks to carry it off and a genuine goth/alt girl to like, or simple marketing dream designed to cash in on a market that the big boys in the industry can't, normally, get in on?

And, perhaps of more direct relevence, given it's apparently free entry, if I were to cancel my normal Monday night stuff, anyone interested in going along tomorrow?
OK, we've got BBC Radio One on in the office, and I haven't retuned it yet. A few minutes back, an intro to a song I never expected to hear on a mainstream radio show came on, very distinctive.

Sisters of Mercy's "Alice". There was than a male voiceover, and it became apparent it was a trailer. For the new Robin Hood series. Now, I knew of course it was coming up, but not this weekend. Now, can someone with a TV confirm if it looks good and worth watching, should I find somewhere with a TV to go watch it at?

Also, are the TV trailers also using an old goth anthem for trailing it? Regardless, why use an old Sisters song for a trail for a medieval myth?

It sounded like the remix from the Under the Gun single, not the original, but with office background couldn't quite tell...
OK, [ profile] electrickaty_fd, [ profile] pedant_general and [ profile] devils_kitchen have both done this one, it's not too bad, and it's been ages since I did a silly meme questionnaire thing. Besides, if it's good enough for [ profile] norm_geras_blog? Oh, wait, that normally means it's crap, but here we go anyway...

I am, I want, I wish, I hate, I love... )

Also, via [ profile] doccy, Casablanca done in 30 minutes. By bunnies.

... )

Also, Radio 4, now. Marcus Brigstocke on politicians. Who he? You fail at life and comedy.
Ages and ages ago, someone (I think it was [ profile] shadow_exe) pointed me at a page hosted on that amused us muchly. Then changed hands, got revamped, and, well, they deleted the fun stuff.

Randomly today, I decided to try out to see if I could find it. But did a quick Google while doing so. Turns out, the guy who did it ([ profile] luvcraft) has set up his own domain and copied all the old stuff over.

I give you:

The Tamagothi

Using the scientific method known as "clicking all the links and choosing the one I like", it turns out I'm what's known as a Lazygothi. But that doesn't surprise anyone, right? There's a Punkemon homepage as well. Very (very) silly. Good to see it back though.

4 weeks of no Zoe at work. I'm knackered. Decided to leave "early" today. If "early" is 6.45pm. She's back next week. There's a small chance I may be sociable after that point, for a little bit. Then hellsummer hits.

[ profile] draxar? I have to think. Currently, I can barely type and am doing anything random to divert myself. I will think, and get back to you tomorrow.
Arriving at the car park, I performed a quick Goth count. Forget ‘percentage of free school meals’ or the school’s behaviour policy, the best way to gauge behaviour is to do a Goth count. The number of moody teenagers dressed in black and wearing studded bracelets is in inverse proportion to the amount of bad behaviour in a school.

Though usually silent and aloof in class, Goths work reasonably hard, they have outside interests that extend beyond Lambrini and sportswear and, by their very disdain, they don’t disrupt.

OK, the condescension can get irritating but, overall, I like a healthy scattering of Goths in a school.

Via [ profile] thalinoviel I discover the amusement that is Teacher Blogging! Blog Standard Comp is here and I especially liked Water Torture.

On the subject of Goths generally, clicked on a commenter at [ profile] innerbrat's and found this post on a class presentation on Goth Subculture.
Originally Posted by: [ profile] autumnrose7
what defines 'goth'. I explained the philosophy that defines the community as a place where people can share and express their appreciation of the darker sides of life, those aspects that mainstream society chooses to reject or ignore. We question norms and discuss issues, rather than just accepting what we're told. Is this outright rebelliousness? No. It's intelligent examination of things that mainstream society doesn't choose to deal with ... At one point, one girl commented that the reason she was bothered was because she didn't WANT to think about the things that goth embraces...darkness, death, sex, alternative religion...she'd rather just ignore them. I told her that the difference between a goth person and a person who doesn't embrace the philosophy is that we can't just ignore's something we, for whatever reason, have to face and deal with. "We're not the sort of people who can put on a smile and a pink dress and have everything just be ok."
Another attempt to define what it is. Not sure I'll ever see one I actually think sums it all up. Amorphous, indefinable, all in the eye of the beholder?

Meh. /introspective elitism...
Questionable Content:
Dora: I love a man who roots for the psycopath in the hockey mask.
Marten: How can you NOT root for him? He's doing evolution a favour by massacring these insipid coeds.
Dora: Such misanthropy! You SURE you don't have any goth in you?
Marten: I'd twist that into some kind of innuendo but I'm honestly not quite sure hwo it'd work.
Anyone else think Dora is completely wasted on him? (Yes, I'm aware she's just a webcomic character, but still...)

Friday night, broken fridge )

Brief Salute review )

Spent a small amount of money on some space ships for Full Thrust (from GZG, and [ profile] draich_goch did some digging last night re colour schemes. The site he found inspired me to write up a little rant re industry backbiting for [ profile] warhammer_tx_fd here. John Tuffley is a good games designer. Unfortunately, he's also a small minded insular fool with no understanding of economics. Ah well.

Has hell frozen over?

Or maybe it's just heaven is warming up?
goths are middle class to the core and have "very high-brow" values
- from The Telegraph.

That's right, the bastion of English conservatism says I'm highbrow and (almost) respectable. Also in the news: Pope Catholic, Bear defecates in wood )
Should I be worried? Next up they'll be saying I'm a respectable graduate with responsibilities in a challenging job...

Oh, wait.
From a [ profile] theweaselking entry here, click on a commenter who says she lives in York, where I've been, to find she used to be a WendyHouse regular; in one of her rare open posts, we have the amusing trainspotting reference poll, questions listed because, well, they amuse me. It's a little long though...

clove cigarettes
Read more... )
constantly bitching about Sisters of Mercy but still dancing to Temple of Love every time it comes on.
to take your glowsticks and shove them up your arse
Read more... )
Quoting Withnail & I, at every possible opportuniy (You terrible cunt)
being Tech support for everyone you know
finding esoteric ways to ascertain the gender of the person you’ve been talking to for hours
Read more... )
spending all your money on drugs, glowsticks and scraps of pvc then complaining you can't afford your rent.
Read more... )
I promise to do a proper update soon. I think I've said that a few times recently and not done it, so, well, y'know, life's ok.
matgb: (Webstuff)


Oct. 25th, 2005 04:26 pm
Didn't think of this while I did them all, but a prize for the least spelling/grammar errors should be given out. NB, I don't think any of them have none.

Least blanket assumptions or mass generalisations may be more difficult. Crappy what goth test, but purty pictures ) Oh look, I'm an old fart. Quel surprise eh? Burn the land, boil the sea ) WTF? Ah well, the test is actually not bad, I didn't scream at the grammar or spelling errors, and there are lots of results.I'm the dark brooding one (again) )Meh, not even a pretty picture... If I'm this, how far off the scale are some of my friends? )Methinks some of the creators of these tests are a little too innocent for their own good. The guy in charge. Again. Anyone spot a pattern here? )Is it wrong that I've almost been talked into reading the books? How sweet and innocent; 'the space between the legs'... )Really? Never would have figured that out on my own. Radical come reformist/pupulist? Me? Never )This one isn't bad. and let's be honest, it's not innaccurate is it? Somehow, this doesn't surprise me, and given the previous one, is probably fairly accurate ) Unlike JFK, I don't spend half my life chasing blondes. Brunettes, redheads, bright purple, etc, yes, but not blondes... I refuse to believe it ) Or is that the whole point? Only 42% Green? Oh, wait, US Green party... )Probably close enough, if the Dems have a radical libertarian-left reforming branch. And when, exactly, did you ask me about my politics? Oh, you didn't. So you must know all about them then. You're pretty close about the music though... ) I hate the govt because I like punk music? No, I loath this govt because they're a bunch of authoritarian berderline fascists, I like punk music because I like punk music. The two are only vaguely linked, and there's achance I may like the next govt. Unlikely, but still...

Well, what else is a boy to do when he takes the day off ill? Sort the flat, update the websites, the laundry, some washing up, etc? Go away conscience, I saw a pretty picture...
Well, we have a Vimes, a Death and a Nanny Ogg already. You all suck. Why?
I'm the guy in charge... )
Not sure how I got so low on the Librarian score, maybe because I hate bananas?

Oh, I also know how to use the <lj-cut text="insert tile here">put meme results or long stuff here</lj-cut> function ;-)
And I wasn't even trying to get this result )

Obligatory blog plug bit, Paul's just written a great piece on nation states.

[Edit: Trying to fix the damn display, the coding from quizfarm assumes a certain screen layout in a very stupid manner...]
Well, I made the decision; assuming nothing goes horribly wrong at work that my deputy can't handle, I'm going to London Friday to see [ profile] nadriel and hopefully attend [ profile] synth_culture again.

This is inspired by many, many things, partially because I haven't been up for awhile, and couldn't go last month due to work. Also, Zoe (my deputy) is on holiday next week in order to make the final arrangements for her wedding (her fiance Paul is a lucky bastard and knows it) and has two weeeks of honeymoon afterwards, so I need a quick break before she's off.

But it's also because Mike needs a good kicking, and there's nothing like my biting wit to cheer him up, right Mike?

So, given I'm taking the day off to travel, any London people care to nominate a pub for pre club drinks? Is the Dev still open? Someone said it was shutting and, well, I've never actually been there...
old school
Congratulations!!!! You are an Old school Goth and
we thank you for keeping it real!!!! Now go
enter 2004 and get your head out of your ass
and realize that there are good groups that are

What Gothic Subtype Are You? (with great pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

Volts was very cool last night, really glad I went. Thx to Pink for talking me into going, Mark for being fun and everyone else for generally being around.

Now, explain this in the same article:
"Student journalism is often a heady mix of passion and ignorance. A criticism labelled at student ‘hacks’ is a failure to check and clarify a story"

As a follow on to this:
"Two years ago, Exeposé printed a mock interview that claimed that RocSoc members dressed in black because they were abused as children. Quite understandably, many people were very upset, which led to a stand-off in the M&D room during an editorial election. RocSoc hired a lawyer to proceed with a libel action,"

Hmm. You'd have thought that, given there are plenty of people still around on campus who do remember the full details, they could at least have, well, checked their own records?

RocSoc didn't hire a lawyer; as a Guild Constiuent Organisation, it would be unable to sue another part of the Guild anyway. Court case of Exeter guild of Students versus Exeter guild of students anyone?

I, as honorary President, "consulted legal advise". Well, that was what we said publicly. I bought a friend (a lawyer) a drink and asked his opinion. Fucking stupid student media types. We decided not to sue for libel because, despite it being justified, the petty vindictiveness of one idiotic editor and her stooge is not enough to damage an organisation we broadly supported.

Ah well. So, should we let the myth perpetuate, or point out the facts to the relevent editors and/or guild types?
This is not my first post. This is just redated so it's not at the top of my journal all the time.

I'm Mat. This is my personal journal, the fun stuff. I also write in a few other places, including Not Little England (on UK politics) and TaKtiX (about gaming).

For more about me, your best bet is to read the bio and Userinfo. This post is mostly here so I can find all the tags I use easily, it may get more useful stuff in the future. It's not a 'Friends Only' Journal, but I do filter some stuff. Oh, if you're using Internet Explorer... ) go here and get help.

My Blogs: )
[ profile] nolittleengland   [ profile] torbaylife    [ profile] warhammer_tx_fd
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