For some reason, it never occured to me to look this up before. But both the Madness and Lemmy "slow the pace" ads for Kronenbourg are available on Spotify and the Madness version was released as a full single.

Ace of Spades (Slow version) by Motörhead on Spotify

Le Grand Pantalon (Baggy Trousers) by Madness on Spotify

Le Grand Pantalon (Baggy Trousers): Madness: MP3 Downloads

For those of you outside the civilised world and thus unable to use Spotify links, well, I'm sure you can find other ways...

(I looked to see if Lemmy was available, but I hate the Amazon search engine and there're a billion cover versions)

How cool is that? OK, it's not really, it's bloody obvious, but, y'know...
It transpires that there are people out there reading this that have yet to see[2] the Cadbury gorilla advert[1], so I repeat it here for your viewing pleasure. And, indeed, mine, because it is just cool.

But perhaps better, how about a bunch of remixes to different music? Not able to watch them properly now, but they do all look rather good...

[1] Note to [ profile] andrewducker--not a monkey, a gorilla is an ape. I dunno, anyone would think you'd never read Pratchett.

[2] [ profile] pinkshifter has a valid "I've been working 14 hour days for ages" excuse, the rest of you? Weird.
I am, naturally, disgusted at this Boots advert. Not, as it happens, because it sends the message that women need to look good to get a man. Nor because it perpetuates the conformity agenda, and also not because it says women are the problem. It does of course send all of these messages, but that's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem?

It portrays beach culture as healthy

And that's a really bad thing. It's getting to that time of year when thousands, nay, millions of idiots will flcok tot he beach in an attempt to 'get a tan' and 'look healthy'. Bullshit.

Those of you that have met me will know that I don't look my age. I look, in fact, about 8 years younger than I actually am (whenever someone asks my age I ask them to guess it first, I've had as young as 21 within the last 6 months). Any guesses as to why? It's because I'm in a huge skin cancer risk group. I've known this since I was 12, a long time before my mother had to have many operations to remove non-malignant melanomas. Skin cancer is a growing threat, especially with the ozone depletion, but it's always been a problem. But even if you don't get a cancer, by tanning constantly you dry and prematurely age your skin, you look much older much faster. So I look younger than others my age, becaue I've not really tanned my skin since I was a young teen.

Yes, I'd rather like it if people in senior positions didn't treat me like a kid on a regular basis, but y'know what? There's a little bit of me that likes being underestimated because of my "youthful" appearance. Because the reality is my appearance is fairly natural; it's the sun-seekers who've aged too quickly, not me. Up until her mid-thirties, my mother was very attractive (seriously). After that, she started aging very quickly. Why? Perpetually brown skin, much sun tanning. Prematurely aged, and eventually gave her skin cancer. Having a deathly white palour is bad for you, this I know. But more than a little exposure is such a really bad idea. Do yourself a favour, don't buy the boots products to "look gorgeous for the beach". There are many ways to enjoy yourself near the coast; I grew up in a coastal resort. Sunning yourself isn't a good one.

A sun tan'll kill you

And on that happy note, I'll turn in for the night, great first day at work today, here's hoping it continues.
Wondering Exeter this morning with [ profile] faeriecween and [ profile] markslut (great to see you again Mark), my 'net addiction kicked in and I turned on Opera Mini to check my email (C was heading towards another clothes shop to get a top more suited to the weather). Top of my inbox? A comment notification from [ profile] anildash. Who he? Well, he's a bit of an arse, and was apologising for, on occasions, being one. But, well, he's also a Vice-President of Six Apart.
[ profile] matgb: From what I can tell, he's an arse. I may be wrong.

[ profile] anildash: I am, sometimes. Other times I'm not so bad... but I figure I've got a better chance at not being an arse if I'm at least out there trying to talk to people. Most of the folks who've IMed/phoned seem to think I'm being reasonable, so I should probably just do a better job of not posting comments when I'm frustrated by people.
Spun me out a little is all. I've still seen more negative comments from him than constructive, but, well, maybe there's still hope? On the subject of hope...

Important: Dodgy malware in advert on LJ

A very suspect company managed to trick LJ and run an advert that used Flash to create a pop-up and install some dodgy software (Errorsafe/Winfixer). More info here. If you're a free or Sponsored+ user, especially if you're not running Flashblock, run the necessary checks as per normal.
OK, the [ profile] news post went live a few hours back, I've been reading and messing around. [ profile] matbowles exists, currently, just so I can mess around with different advert settings. I may also use it just to see how ugly I can get a default layout, but that'll be a side project.

They haven't announced it, but there are new Terms of Service and a new Privacy Policy. (both via [ profile] no_lj_ads). [ profile] daweaver has written up an analysis of the changes in LJ's Social Contract, but my principle concern is the impact on the business model.

LJ used to be a Public Commons; free to all, and those that wished to support it financially did so and got extra perks, but we were mostly paying to support the site overall. Now, the site has adverts (and boy are they annoying; log out and trawl around the main site to see them), so I'm not paying to support the site and the services it provides to all, I'm just getting my perks.

So, from now on, I am merely buying a service from them, not supporting a site. So, I switch into annoyed consumer mode rather than site supporter. They've taken away the model that made LJ a great community, and turned it into just another revenue stream. Still, at least free users only see the ads on "sponsored+" journals and not the main site. Paid users (while logged in), never see them anywhere. So at least there is a reason to keep paying that I can see the point of.

/geekery - everyone have a good weekend?
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