Did someone throw a bloggers gender awareness week thing and I missed the notification? Maybe I'm just noticing it a bit more, but discussions on objectification, stereotypes and dodgy attitudes seem to be everywhere I look at the moment. [livejournal.com profile] andrewducker reposted The Rules yesterday and the comment thread at that link is worth reading. Following that, SB made a comment to my post and expanded on it at Steve' s about the sexism of the vid I posted yesterday. She's followed it up with two posts today, asking Ever Wish You Could Switch a Part of Your Personality Off? and then as a Follow-on from the previous post:
Men are biologically designed to look upon women's bodies as sexy = men are biologically designed to look on women as things, not people?

The latter being in response to Steve's follow on post:
these days I find myself being offended at it for all the wrong reasons. Adverts for random things that feature bikini-clad Barbie dolls and “oooh!” music don’t make me think “I really wish they’d stop objectifying women, because it’s detrimental to women’s rights and society.” They make me think “I wish they’d stop being SO STUPID and assuming I am also very STUPID and why do they think a bored-looking model can make sink cleaner sexy anyway?”
And that, essentially, is as close to my take on it as I can manage to enunciate.I'm aware that I'm priviledged )and that some issues, even ones I care about, don't always cross my radar )but we all look at things through prisms, mine is governance, not sexism )The video yesterday was all about stereotypes, that's one of the reasons the comedy worked )and the argument for gender equality has, essentially, been won, the pay gap has lessened in most like-for-like comparisons, etc. )besides which, sometimes it's the men who face discrimination )and this sucks, besides, outdated societal notions were bad for all of us )and I like that these days I can be out-geeked by female friends )

I'm not deluding myself, I've not got on rose tinted goggles; I know that discrimination exists, that sexism exists, that we're Not There Yet.

But ultimately I'm an optimist. Things are getting better, people are treated better, women in the workplace are just accepted now, and attitudes that they don't belong there are, culturally, seen as unacceptable by the overwhelming majority of the people that I come into contact with.

But then, I mostly come into contact with young(ish) professional(ish) educated types. The so-called opinion formers. something which leads me to believe that things will continue to get better, that society will continue to improve. We've got to monitor, we've got to watch, we've got to be vigilant, to make sure it doesn't regress, but the world today has changed fromt eh world in which my mother left school at 14 to become a shop girl.

And that's a damn good thing.

OK, that was about three times longer than planned, and I rambled, and I need to tidy it up. Gah!

OK, the other part of the post becomes a separate post. Later. Possibly. And I was going to throw in more links to studies and stuff, but, y'know, Google is your friend. Or Yahoo if your name is Iain.
I am, naturally, disgusted at this Boots advert. Not, as it happens, because it sends the message that women need to look good to get a man. Nor because it perpetuates the conformity agenda, and also not because it says women are the problem. It does of course send all of these messages, but that's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem?

It portrays beach culture as healthy

And that's a really bad thing. It's getting to that time of year when thousands, nay, millions of idiots will flcok tot he beach in an attempt to 'get a tan' and 'look healthy'. Bullshit.

Those of you that have met me will know that I don't look my age. I look, in fact, about 8 years younger than I actually am (whenever someone asks my age I ask them to guess it first, I've had as young as 21 within the last 6 months). Any guesses as to why? It's because I'm in a huge skin cancer risk group. I've known this since I was 12, a long time before my mother had to have many operations to remove non-malignant melanomas. Skin cancer is a growing threat, especially with the ozone depletion, but it's always been a problem. But even if you don't get a cancer, by tanning constantly you dry and prematurely age your skin, you look much older much faster. So I look younger than others my age, becaue I've not really tanned my skin since I was a young teen.

Yes, I'd rather like it if people in senior positions didn't treat me like a kid on a regular basis, but y'know what? There's a little bit of me that likes being underestimated because of my "youthful" appearance. Because the reality is my appearance is fairly natural; it's the sun-seekers who've aged too quickly, not me. Up until her mid-thirties, my mother was very attractive (seriously). After that, she started aging very quickly. Why? Perpetually brown skin, much sun tanning. Prematurely aged, and eventually gave her skin cancer. Having a deathly white palour is bad for you, this I know. But more than a little exposure is such a really bad idea. Do yourself a favour, don't buy the boots products to "look gorgeous for the beach". There are many ways to enjoy yourself near the coast; I grew up in a coastal resort. Sunning yourself isn't a good one.

A sun tan'll kill you

And on that happy note, I'll turn in for the night, great first day at work today, here's hoping it continues.
I do not believe this. CanMag- Pics- GM's Transformers!:
“The first time I saw the new Camaro, while touring the GM Design Center, I knew immediately that it would be the perfect ‘Bumblebee,’” said Michael Bay, the film’s Director. He continued, “It’s got beautiful lines and a classic, timeless look. There were no other cars that came even close. I have had a great working relationship with GM for many years and am psyched to be working with them on Transformers.”
So, let's get this straight; the cars selected weren't based on what the toys were, nor on what they were in the comics, nor in the cartoon or the original movie, but on what company gave you the best marketing head?

It gets worse:
“Bumblebee” changes from the classic Chevrolet Camaro, and is a central character in the saga of aliens who take mechanical forms when on Earth “Autobot Jazz” converts from a Pontiac Solstice in a hardtop format. A Hummer H2, modified as a rescue vehicle, changes into “Autobot Ratchet” and “Ironhide” changes from a GMC TopKick medium-duty truck.
No. No no no no no. NO!

Bumblebee is to be a Chevrolet Camaro? You fucking what? No. Bumblebee is a VW Beetle. You got that you imbecile? A Camaro may have 'classic lines' to your idiot eyes, but there are no lines more classic than those of a VW Beetle, and most certainly not some new model Chevvy marketing opportunity. As for Jazz? A Pontiac? No. Really. He's not. Jazz was, without doubt, the coolest Autobot there was. He was a Porche. You got that? Classic car and a half that one. Unfortunately, made by a German company, and not your crappy corporate sponsor. It would appear that you get a pass on Ratchett, as the Hummer is an ambulance, and Ironhide was always a generic minivan, not a great big tank of a 4*4. I agree with [livejournal.com profile] cargoweasel:
your childhood being casually sodomized
First comics series I ever bought into (and the UK version was not only top SF, it also gave us Death's Head FFS). I owned (and I think still do at my parents) all the three they're abominating.

I suspect I'm still going to go see the movie, but I'll need to bear in mind, at all times, that it's not a Transformers movie. It's a cars change into robots and have familiar names movie. Ah well.
Look, I know you've had a quiet week for the most part, but I think it's time to explain a few home truths.
  1. I do not have a PayPal account
  2. I do not have an eBay account
  3. I have no real interest in OEM software
  4. I have never bought a ticket in the Netherlands lottery
  5. If I want to look at porn, I will go and look at porn you don't need to mail me with links to your crappy redirect sites
  6. What is Cialis anyway. And, for that matter, can you please learn to spell Viagra?
  7. Those 419 advance fee fraud things you keep sending me? Only work on people with money in their bank account, I don't
  8. I have a decent spam filter anyway...
That last is the clincher here, right? The death of spam? )

So, dear friends. If you would be so kind as to target your advertising bollocks more effectively, and stop sending me stuff that's completely irrelevent, I would very much appreciate it. I'm already signed up for a few sites created by former colleagues of yours that exist specifically to spam me stuff, you could learn from them and realise the game is up? Thanks chaps, much appreciated.
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