Been watching DVDs a bit (naturally), Media Player Classic is a great little bit of kit, got right around my weird 'driver not installed properly' issue since the last reformat. So I finally got around to watching Dark Angel Series II. So very very cool. And y'know what, I think it would still be cool even if I didn't have the massive thing for Jessica Alba. The weird thing though? Virtually every episode has an actor that goes on to be in Battlestar Galactica. Grace Park/Boomer has a simply exceptional lines:
FEMALE X5: Copulation was unsuccessful, ma’am.

RENFRO: Explain.

FEMALE X5: X5-698 failed to achieve minimum mission requirements, ma’am.
Gator is an anarchist troublemaker, the Cheif is a hotel desk clerk, Dee plays Joshua's blind girlfriend. I ended up playing 'spot the actor' in virtually every episode. Still, very cool, both to catch up with Dark Angel (the DVDs didn't work in my old player, it's a cheapo one) and see all the weird casting choices. The shows share three different casting directors, so perhaps not too surprising.  Naturally, afterwards, I had to watch BSG for a bit; currently dipping in and out of SII, Resurection Ship remains a top notch two-parter.  If you're not already into it, here's a few good reasons to be a Battlestar Galactica fan. But on a completely unrelated note; Squeeze remains the best X-Files episode ever. Just in case you weren't sure...
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