Seriously, there's a major security hole in Internet Explorer that also opens up vulnerabilities in other browsers. Even if you rarely if ever use IE, you need to secure your system if you're running Windows. If you don't know how to, Yahoo! Tech has a handy guide. It's fairly major, several popular websites have been hijacked, one well known webcomic artist got infected while looking at his own comic. MS normally only patch at scheduled times, for them to rush something out this quickly is almost unheard of:
Acting with record speed, Microsoft has issued a patch for the just-announced security flaw that impacts all recent versions of Internet Explorer, from version 5 to the latest betas of IE 8. The next security update had not been due from the company until January 13, making this a very rare occurrence.
Most scary? Up until now, I had thought Opera was a pretty good browser, it's certainly nice to use. It appears though that Opera was subject to the same vulnerabilities as it uses the same XML renderer memory buffer as IE. No, I don't really understand that bit either. So Opera gets downgraded.

If you're still using Internet Explorer for your browsing, really, it's NOT SAFE. No browser is completely secure, but IE is part of the core operating system of Windows, and when there are unpatched exploits, the attack can get directly into Windows itself. By far the safest way to browse[1] is with Firefox, and it's probably tied after that between Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome. Opera remains a groundbreaking bit of software, but if the default behaviour is still to pretend to be IE and also open up vulnerabilities regardless, it isn't as good as it should be.

For the full security shield, Firefox has plugins such as Flashblock, Adblock and NoScript that really do push it to the top. At the very least, Flashblock stops system hogging flash from hijacking your browsing unless you want it to, it's the first thing I install after Fx on a new machine. Always.

Another part of this vulnerability involved Adobe's Acrobat Reader. PDFs are, unfortunately, now a part of life, and there are still many many idiots that put their PDFs online and think they've got a decent web presence. Given this, the PDF download plugin for Firefox is essential, and switching to a much faster and less system intensive reader (I use Foxit) for your default PDF setup is probably a good plan as well.
[1] I'm ignoring text only and other lite browsers such as Lynx here, just talking about normal, standard plays YouTube vids and looks normal browsers.
Righty ho, backing up my firefox profile again, so as usual all my current extensions, some of them are just pointless unfortunately, and I've still not got around to installing some of those recommended to me. Ah well, completely clean profile on the machine I'm migrating to, will pick and choose as per usual.
The usual long list )
Completely unsorted unformatted list from my extension list dumper, I'll probably go back and edit this into something more coherent later but I need the data posted somewhere so here it is:
Complete dump of firefox extensions, for previous lists see the tag )Those marked disabled don't work (yet) with Firefox 3—hopefully they will when it comes out of beta.
Yesterday, I had two posts I was planning to make at some point. Then my shiny new work laptop arrived, but it wouldn't stay online for more than 5 minutes and fixing it took me ages. But in another attack of shared brain[1], [info]Debi's done very similar to what I meant to do, so go read:

The former is a linkdump of Firefox extensions redone, I need to do one anyway to transfer to my new laptop so that'll happen. The latter is a how-to on linkspamming sharing with delicious and crossposting them to your blog (works anywhere but LJ needs some extra tweaks), but also has a how-to on using and/or hiding LoudTwitter posts. I really like the utility of the latter and like reading them, and dislike it when people cut them as I can't just scan past, but I know others dislike them intensely so if you do you might find it useful.

Anyway, the rest can wait, I have some campaigning to go do. Go vote people, especially in London (and remember, the GLA list vote really matters, unfortunately).

[1] Debi has a habit of posting stuff as I'm thinking about the same thing, and we share a lot of "oh, cool trick" stuff anyway. Jennie, OTOH, has scary freaky same-as-me opinions on a lot of stuff, and we sometimes make the same comment at the same time in various places. So if you're missing my longer informed posts, I hope I'll get over the block that seems to mean I lack inspiration or inclination, but in the meantime reading [ profile] innerbrat, Jennie's [ profile] theyorkshergob or my old housemate and third "shared brain" unfortunate [ profile] paulatpingu wouldn't do you any harm.
Well, see, the problem with constantly switching PCs is...

I'm spending most of this week on a different computer, but will want to be doing some web developement, so posted mostly for my reference, the addons that I've got installed on the work laptop (which I use for personal stuff when I'm travelling, etc as well):

Dumped list from Extension List Dumper )
Of the above, I continue to strongly recommend [ profile] ljaddons, programmed by a Russian, but now does everything LJ Hook does, plus some things other extensions do, plus some things I've not seen elsewhere, and very very customisable.
OK, so [ profile] requiem2adream posted a YouTube parody of the PC/Mac adds where it's DC/Marvel, and it amused me, lots. She also linked to the whole series of them. So I watched them. One after another. All evening. I chuckled. Lots. Toy superheroes arguing over their movie deals. Then they went to the bar.

Part one-Starring Hulk as the bouncer! )
Part two, because I can't resist posting it as well )
Of course, you may not actually have watched any of the films, or know who any of the characters are, or something. Um, which rock are you living under, and does it have WiFi?

Meh, off to watch a [ profile] now_show recording tomorrow (with [ profile] innerbrat), spent the evening in the pub with [ profile] nadriel and [ profile] d_notice_fd. Knackered. Time to sleep.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot. Doctor Whoogle, and other BBC Firefox / IE7 search plugins (Via [ profile] tsitsoss_rss)
[ profile] innerbrat lists her favourite Firefox extensions, and asks:
How have you customised your Firefox? Which add-ons have you used, how have you altered them, and what couldn't you do without?
So I thought I'd do a follow up to my firefox extensions post and list all those not listed there by me that I'm currently losing. A fair few of these (especially Colorzilla and Submit to Tab) are great little tricks that you guys told me about int he comments, others I've just added as I go along. I now have FAR TOO MANY extensions, and am likely to dump some, and split others off into a separate profile full of development tools and not use them for geeral browsing. And, unfortunately, LJ Login clashes with [ profile] deepestsender currently, so given I rarely if ever use my other accounts I have it disabled.

List of firefox extensions )
As before, are to wherever the developer says they're based. If they don't link to a download page, blame them, not me, but you can search Mozdev by name to find em if you want them. Back to IB:
I want you guys to do the same with your Firefox.
K, I've had a few different but very similar conversations with people recently, along the lines of If you're using Firefox but not using any plugins, you might as well be using Opera, because, quite simply, while Fx is great for security, customisation and flexibility, Opera is as good on security, is probably better for usability, and is better out of the box but nowhere near as flexible.

So, for the benefits of those that want to see just why Firefox is good, I thought I'd use Extension List Dumper and, well, write it up. This'll also serve as a back up incase I need to install elsewhere quickly, etc. Multi-purpose posting FTW!

Oh, [ profile] nadriel? This post isn't specifically aimed at you, but just take it as being a scatter gun pointed very close to your general direction...
List plus links for all my Firefox extensions )

ETA: Follow up post with more here.

That's it, there is no more. Except, of course, there is. Notice the complete lack of adblock in the above list; I place adverts on sites, and I like that sites get payments just for me looking at them, so I don't block ads, but many like to. And there are doubtless many (many) extras out there it hasn't occurred to me to even try. All the links, by the way, are to wherever the developer says they're based. If they don't link to a download page, blame them, not me, but you can search Mozdev by name to find em if you want them.

Anyone got any favourites I've missed?

Life? Don't talk to me about life... )
I know there are some physicists and other science types hanging around, this looks very cool, but it's way beyond my normal abilities to get the basics of science.
Quantum computer solves problem, without running
“In a sense, it is the possibility that the algorithm could run which prevents the algorithm from running,” Kwiat said. “That is at the heart of quantum interrogation schemes, and to my mind, quantum mechanics doesn’t get any more mysterious than this.”
From [ profile] jackthomas

Oh yeah; the performancing plug in for Firefox is great, as is the Livejournal Hook extension; both are on
From [ profile] theweaselking:
Mike Hoye provides Ways To Make PDFs Not Suck for everyday use and viewing.

The short version:

Get Firefox.
Get the PDF-Download extension for Firefox, allowing you to choose to open PDFs in the browser, convert to HTML, or download to your PC, on the fly.
Get Foxit Reader, which is just like Adobe Reader but teeny and not bloated and fast.

No more clicking badly labelled links and having my PC chug for half an hour for me. Oh, also a metaquote:
Man: If you don't interfere with human affairs, what do you do with all your time?
God: Your Mama...heh heh heh...seriously though, I told that joke to this dude in Nazareth this one time and he so totally believed me.
Today, I have mostly been sleeping. And browsing. And shouting at Blogger for being crap. And shouting at my blog template for not working right. Oh, and destroying the Mongols utterly in CivII. And reading BritBlog roundup #51, which is always a great way to kill a Sunday.

Oh yeah, I went to the shop earlier, I was out of margerine and salad cream. That meant no toast and no other meals. That!=good. Work tomorrow, best behaviour, the company owner visits Tuesday.
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