Busy at work, catching up after the week off, still not up to speed with friends page, etc. In the meantime, Tim Worstall:
Despite that I'll go out on a limb here and state that in my opinion Nikkogen is a scam. A fraud. Don't get involved with it, don't try to work for them, don't try to sign a marketing agreement and most certainly don't try to provide them with any services or investment capita ... Anyone who would like to spread this information by linking to this post with the anchor text 'Nikkogen' would be most welcome.
So, here we go, Nikkogen. The moral of this story?
Don't spam my blog comments Sonny
We don't like spammers we don't. So, I'll add it to my links list later, but if'n people would like to do the usual? The last one is still effective...
Letters from a US Marine to Time Magazine:
Best Chuck Norris Moment — 13 May. Bad Guys arrived at the government center in a small town to kidnap the mayor, since they have a problem with any form of government that does not include regular beheadings and women wearing burqahs. There were seven of them. As they brought the mayor out to put him in a pick-up truck to take him off to be beheaded (on video, as usual), one of the Bad Guys put down his machine gun so that he could tie the mayor's hands. The mayor took the opportunity to pick up the machine gun and drill five of the Bad Guys. The other two ran away. One of the dead Bad Guys was on our top twenty wanted list. Like they say, you can't fight City Hall.
Genius, most of them are worth a read, Steve has more here.

I was supposed to be in Exeter today. [livejournal.com profile] draich_goch rang me to remind me and make sure I was awake. I put the phone down, and fell straight back to sleep, waking again at just after 1300. I turned on the radio instead.

OTOH this and this. Um, I put the links into my links list about 2 weeks ago, but forgot to post, that's it. [livejournal.com profile] mapp commented that it had worked before anyone else had put their contribution up. That means that the Google Bomb worked from just my journal. Um, that's scary, especially given that Mark's site doesn't have that big a PR in the first place (I just checked, it doesn't have a rank at all), that's quite scary.
  1. Clickz.com has an interview with the Six Apart CEO
    • [livejournal.com profile] foxfirefey gives it a good fisking[1], and goes through a whole load of useful numbers [2]. Seriously, go read.
    • Given the factual innacuracies in the article, I emailed the author. Despite the 6A spin, he admits that the mistakes are his. He says he'll fix it [3].
  2. My good friend [livejournal.com profile] draich_goch is having problems with his garage.
    • Remember this idea from June?
    • We decided to do Blears and [livejournal.com profile] mapp, but never got around to setting it up.
    • Let's do it

Setting up those Google Bombs

Right, there were going to be two, but in order to assist Jason and get some petty revenge, I'm adding a third. Feel free to do one, two, or three of them. Theoretically, it only takes a week or so to work, but this'll be the first one I'm aware of entirely via Livejournal.


Links, guidelines, and a copy past post )
which should give an output something like:
I'm participating in [livejournal.com profile] matgb's attempt at the first proper Livejournal Google Bomb. We have decided to promote a cowardly genius, denigrate an insubstantial careerist and point out to the world a bunch of lying bastards. For more information go here.
The links list entries are the most important, as Google really likes to index front-page links, but also picks up links from sub pages as well.

Footnotes and added commentary )
OK, the results are in. Executive decision; everyone that know him picked Mark, most that don't picked Blears. As I really can't stand the woman anyway (she's not as bad as el Tone but, y'know) I figure let's do both, fair?

[Poll #757340]

We can, of course, accept late write in nominations if someone comes up with something really good.

Completely unrelated. People interested in Doctor Who, Sci-Fi books and/or international politics should go friend [livejournal.com profile] nhw. He's rather good at bringing the drama...
Right, yesterdays post gives us a few suggestions and enough people taking part to (probably) make it work. So, collating the suggestions, we have:
[Poll #751711]
For the second one, any suggestions for any of the targets welcome, if you runout of space, comment y'hear?

Also, write in candidates are allowed, and I am specifically using tickboxes not radio buttons, feel free to vote for more than one target; we can, after all, do more than one bomb if we feel like it, we'll just do the most popular first.
Right, we're all out of the sandbox and then some now. And I'm bored, and busy at work, so I want some easy amusement. I want to set up a [Poll #750784]
I'm tempted to do something like pointless waste of time but, well, some of you fools like Big Brother (could do the same for the World Cup instead?).

Partially, want to do this as a proof of concept, in theory, three participants doing it correctly can get an obscure term to a high ranked site easily, but, say, 20 people on my f-list could get pretty much anything if we wanted to. Theoretically. And if we can? Well, for example, Exeter students could do some nasty things to parts of the website or, say, the Vice Chancellor. Most cabinet members have been done over more than once already, but, y'know, the more the merrier...

Extra: Interesting Slate article on the subject, with a good roundup of the history.
I've updated my previous post.
Google Bomb.

If'n you could all do the copy/paste thing in it as directed, very much appreciated.
Or, alternately, you're now the proud user of a proper 'blog' with your own unique (sub)domain. LJ are giving some bollux due to a vulnerability in, um, FireFox, but that's not relevent. Why is this really important? Pagerank and Google.

What they've done to your username and links )

Implication? Well, us LJers have a tendency to link to each other a lot, which means that when we do from now on, the person we link to has their pagerank with Google go up. It's a perpetuating circle over time.

So, anyone want to propose our first Google Bomb? For an example, try jelly bellied flag flapper; that one was set up less than a week ago, they can filter through in 2 or 3 days.


More on googlebombing and how it works )

So, do me a favour, exercise in silliness. Copy this into a post or onto any web pages you may have access to:
<a href="http://matgb.livejournal.com/77989.html" title="Google bomb">Google Bomb</a>
and, if you've got some spare links in your links list, put the link (http://matgb.livejournal.com/77989.html) in there titled 'google bomb'?

Just a thought exercise, there are some pretty weighty sites up the top there...
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