Normally when I think of Kansas politics I think of things like evolution being banned in schools or those silly stickers they tried, but this is a refreshing change; an interesting and innovative use of the internet by a USian running for the Kansas state legislature and raising funds through an XKCD style webcomic. It's attracting reasonable coverage in the US media, including a fairly favourable write up in the LA Times, and he's getting record numbers of donations.

full comic / larger version
The nature of US politics makes it very different to directly translate fundraising techniques to the UK, even if it's appropriate, our focus on parties within a multi-party polity is very different to their focus on individuals within a two-party system (even if in most districts we have an effective two-party system anyway, gotta love Duverger), but this sort of thing is certainly going to appeal to the sort of demographic that should be voting Lib Dem anyway—wonder if anyone could come up with a more generalised UK version with a similar sort of message?
This is a little to weird. "Internet expert" and Shadow Housing Minister Grant Shapps has been caught in an attempt at astroturfing. He claims in an email to Tim at [ profile] bloggerheads that his YouTube password was 1234, which even Guido isn't buying. Hmm, guessing there's no time to watch Space Balls in Cameron's Conservatives.

Given that he's the guy running the Ealing Southall campaign, we have it in fairly convincing evidence that he's either an idiot or a duplicitous liar. Either way, not going to do Tony Lit's campaign any good.

I promise to leave off the politics for a bit. Maybe. Possibly. But dude! Tory MP with YouTube account messes things up royally, how could I resist?
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