I get home after my nice break in various places, some post, some bills, new people in the flat downstairs that think playing crap music loud and then shouting so they can hear each other is the height of sophistication and no food. Ah well.

To sleep? Or go online. Hmm...
Dear LiveJournal user matgb,

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Hmm. Well, not sure why I volunteered other than a fit of stupidity inspired by [livejournal.com profile] nadriel's snoring (kidding Mike, thanks for the crash space), but the old maintener's account had been deleted, so some new fools volunteers were needed. So, go on then, join... [livejournal.com profile] swuk

Proper update on the last week or so to follow when I've had some sleep, food and told the neighbours... Wait, I hear nothing but silence! Yay.
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Known to post items of interest on occasions. More likely to link to interesting stuff. Sometimes talks about stuff he's done. Occasionally posts recipes for good food. Planning to get married, at some point. Enjoying life in Yorkshire.

Likes comments. Especially likes links. Loves to know where people came from and what they were looking for. Mostly posts everything publicly. Sometimes doesn't. Hi.

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