At RockWorld in Manchester-Not been here since was 19-not changed a bit-4 rooms of glorious rock-If could drag SB from the Cheese...
See, last night I posted twice, both fairly long posts that have attracted a lot of comments. First thing this morning, I posted an entry to [ profile] no_lj_ads which was a follow up. Again, it got a lot of comments.

How the engagement seems to have happened )and I got swamped in comments ) So, yeah, we're engaged. I've told my parents (they're very pleased) and my sister (who runs a wedding planning business as a hobby), she's, naturally, ecstatic. I've spoken to Jennie by phone a few times.

I've tried to backread everyone. I really have. But, um, it's not every day you get engaged is it? I've got a good excuse, right?

Um, yeah, some things just got put on hold again for a bit; I'll be off to Manchester Friday evening, then staying the week in Yorkshire (my boss insisted I work from home next week when I told him). So if I was supposed to be doing stuff, or something, um, yeah, I've probably forgotten; remind me later? In the meantime, in her post describing todays events, Jennie has also Simpsonised us. Um, yeah. Close enough I guess.

Oh, I've had a fair few more people add me today. Um, yeah, I'll look into adding people back, um, when I've got my head around stuff. Promise. At least people have said hi this time around.
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