So, I'm sat at the computer desk working, SB's gone to take [ profile] shrublette to school and do a bit of shopping. She comes back, and she's collected the parcel from the post office that we both thought was Making Money and thus the likely cause of a minor argument. Oh no. The nutbag only went and ordered us the matching rings we'd looked at last month.

I can has 1.00CT SOLITAIRE BLACK DIAMOND RING 18K WHITE GOLD. First time I've tried to wear a ring properly, I guess it'll take some getting used to. It is rather nice though.

see also.
OK, [ profile] snapesbabe proposed to me by dropping a fairly big hint in an email and then saying yes when I rang and said are you asking me to marry you? This guy? Might just possibly have planned it a little bit too much. Incredibly well done though; [ profile] metro_weird has the full story or alternately you could just watch the YouTube.

Hmm, on a different note, worth observing. When we met in February, we had two mutual friends on LJ ([ profile] ginasketch and [ profile] freddiefraggles. Now, through us meeting each others friends and simply talking about each other and to each others friends, we have 60 mutual friends. Since we announced the engagement just under two weeks ago, I've been added by 13 more people (which is quite scary). As I've always tried to keep the total accounts I read (including feeds and communities) below 500, in order to keep up with actual, RL friends and friends of friends, I've removed a chunk of feeds and some actual LJs; I believe most of these to be dormant, but others are simply people I've not really connected with or even heard from much recently. I still have too many accounts friended, but I don't read the blog feeds and similar on my default--for those wondering, every LJ account I've got on my list is on my default, and is also on one of my three main filters, but only those people I've met in person are on my "always going to backread unles impossible" filter; also, all my viewing filters are public and linked from my sidebar. Some people set great store by these things, so just thought I'd say.

Oh--I haven't added back a few accounts that I believe to be spammers or serial adders, if that's not the case? Well, my userinfo does say to say hello. I'm still busy with various things, and not feeling 100%, my system is rebelling against me currently. Ah well. A few other posts to follow next few days about various projects (I hope).
Weird. On train London bound. Feels like leaving home to go away for a bit.Oh-Anyone think of major date clashes for May next year?
See, last night I posted twice, both fairly long posts that have attracted a lot of comments. First thing this morning, I posted an entry to [ profile] no_lj_ads which was a follow up. Again, it got a lot of comments.

How the engagement seems to have happened )and I got swamped in comments ) So, yeah, we're engaged. I've told my parents (they're very pleased) and my sister (who runs a wedding planning business as a hobby), she's, naturally, ecstatic. I've spoken to Jennie by phone a few times.

I've tried to backread everyone. I really have. But, um, it's not every day you get engaged is it? I've got a good excuse, right?

Um, yeah, some things just got put on hold again for a bit; I'll be off to Manchester Friday evening, then staying the week in Yorkshire (my boss insisted I work from home next week when I told him). So if I was supposed to be doing stuff, or something, um, yeah, I've probably forgotten; remind me later? In the meantime, in her post describing todays events, Jennie has also Simpsonised us. Um, yeah. Close enough I guess.

Oh, I've had a fair few more people add me today. Um, yeah, I'll look into adding people back, um, when I've got my head around stuff. Promise. At least people have said hi this time around.
Spoke to SB on the way home from the office for lunch, quoth she:
A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's, she changes it more often
Made me happy, anyway...

ETA: I was more cryptic than her, but as she's confirmed in comments to this post, this morning [ profile] snapesbabe asked me to marry her.

Of course I said yes.
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