A nice little mix of stuff in this lot, though the politics averse amongst you should be warned that with elections next week there's a fair bit on that, though not much of it is serious. Posted to both LJ and DW with comments open for technical reasons that I can't be arsed to fix, LJ version: Europe, books, maps and snails—MOAR linkspam
A nice little mix of stuff in this lot, though the politics averse amongst you should be warned that with elections next week there's a fair bit on that, though not much of it is serious. Also posted to DW with comments open, linkspams don't crosspost easily due to limitations at Delicious.
Hmm, not sure what to think on this one. [livejournal.com profile] mendees, having moved to Exeter, is thinking of going to the Cavern tomorrow night. Fine, fairly normal. To see a band called "Betty Curse". The lead singer of which is a persona created by Megan Burns, the actress who played Hannah in 28 Days Later. Now, of course, she's 20, not 13/14 as she was at the time of the film. And, um, she looks pretty good from what I can find (band Myspace, her Myspace). She's also, it appears from a few interviews, fairly switched on.

However, she's backed by Island Records quite heavily, the contact section of the site (no direct link, not possible, see below) essentially promises to spam you with stuff about all their bands that might be of interest, and it just oozes marketing shill. Musings on how the marketing men take over the world, and how it turns us all into (too) cynical gits... )

So, cool new artist with both track record to appeal, the looks to carry it off and a genuine goth/alt girl to like, or simple marketing dream designed to cash in on a market that the big boys in the industry can't, normally, get in on?

And, perhaps of more direct relevence, given it's apparently free entry, if I were to cancel my normal Monday night stuff, anyone interested in going along tomorrow?
Hey, guess what? You'll never get it. Six Apart are useless! Oh, wait, you've heard that one? Ah, well, here are the new details of this one anyway. Y'see, they've managed to mess up a perfectly good idea by a really badly timed and poorly worded announcement, and they've got a bunch of sockpuppets plugging a new film.

So, short version. Funny version. Long version )

It made Slashdot. It even made Making Light. Damage control, but  ) don't think Brad liked going in to post stuff on his day off.

Things are looking up? More damage control, some rollbacks, and some changes )

What do we learn from this? )
Now, sponsored Comms, that show up at the top of an interest search for basic/plus users? Run by marketing people and LJ staff? Could be great. Um, could also, well, be absolutely awful. Don't believe me? Look at [livejournal.com profile] scienceofsleep. Any of those posts look like they come from real people?

Where's the fangirling?

I'm told that one of the male actors is hot. LJ + new film + hot actor = fangirling. Always. Analysis and ego stroking )To which [livejournal.com profile] firefoxfey responded:
I think you're right.
Of course I am, I'm me. [livejournal.com profile] uniquewonders:
they need to hire someone who can write these posts
Yup. I'd volunteer, but don't really feel like moving over there. Even if it is San Francisco.

Plug This post brought to you with the aid of [livejournal.com profile] the_lj_herald. Friend it.
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