Those enlightened among you who are already subscribe to The Very Fluffy Diary of Millenium Dome, Elephant ([ profile] elephantfeed)[1] may be interested to know that he has written a beginners guide to British Politics over at [ profile] libdemvoice_fd, and rather amusing it is to, here's an exerpt:
Mr Lord Deputy Stephen has asked me to explain to him about POLITICS, and I can understand why he is confused! It is VERY complicated!

There are THREE HUNDRED and EIGHTY-FIVE political parties in Great Britain (at least according to the list at the Electoral Commission) but thanks to the way that the voting system works, there are only THREE that really stand a chance of having enough votes to make a difference.
It's perhaps not as incisive as some of his Doctor Who articles but is still fun. Actually, on the subject of Lib Dem Voice, the members forum is a little busier of late than it has been, might have something to do with the new moderator who volunteered to help out in a moment of insanity, can't think why anyone would want to do that sort of thing. You need to be a party member to register, but once you are, nice little gated forum.
[1] And if not, why not, damnit! I've met him donchaknow, and got a congrats message from him on last weeks news...
Right then, while I digest me lunch, brief bit on yesterday. I actually managed to drag myself out of the house before noon on a Sunday, went into Wimbledon to meet the local Lib Dem chair and others, and went of to Ealing Southall for a bit of by-election campaigning.

Canvassing and leafletting )

Envelope stuffing and meeting people ) In fact, specifically, there's a picture of me on a top rated Lib Dem politics blog; here on Pink Dog! Look, I'm clearly there, I'm the bloke in black behind the dog and Millennium Dome, Elephant, definitely the starring role for sure. Got to meet others too )

Overall, a good day, came back utterly exhausted but I'd finally put some names to faces and got back involved in partisan campaigning on the ground; still not really my thing but I ought to do more than I do. Very difficult to read the likely results, the local Labour party appears to be split with internecine strife, the Tories selected a non-member as a candidate and had a few defections both ways, and there seem to be a lot of undecided swing voters. A by-election in which all three main parties are in with a chance, but the Lib Dems are the only ones not (yet) hit by some sort of scandal. Interesting times...

Pink Dog is [ profile] pink_dog_fd, Millenium Elephant is [ profile] elephantfeed and Alex is [ profile] alexwilcock. I especially recommend Millenium's recent series of articles on Doctor Who, in which he gets a bit of help from his daddy Richard...
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