So, tonight, I'm cooking pizza. It's been a few weeks, I'm trying a new recipe for the base, but the standard sauce was planned to be in use. Mostly because I have a jar of it in the fridge from last time, and it's kept fine.

I tested it about ten minutes ago, to be sure. It's fine. Bit settled, so give it a quick shake.

I am now covevered in the remnants of what was a good pizza sauce. The sauce had kept well. The honey jar I'd put it in, apparently, had not. Shook the pot, bottom fell off, sauce (and glass) everywhere :-(

Good job I checked it now, not 5 minutes before [personal profile] miss_s_b arrives home; she's cycling back, for the first time, the plan is to have the pizza on the table for her on arrival.

Better cook up a new batch.
When removing a pizza from the 200oC oven, try to ensure your main typing finger is in the oven glove, not directly touching the baking tray.

Screams and expletives issuing from my flat for the next hour or so may or may not subside once the pain wears off. Typing is a bit of a bugger though.
When you've ordered a pizza to be delivered, try to avoid jumping out of your skin and then shouting "who the f*ck was that at this time of night" when it arrives ten minutes early.

Although normally no one ever turns up without ringing first, when you've specifically invited them to, expect it (I will be so glad to get out of this place).
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