Let us today celebrate the six year anniversary of Something Positive, one of the first webcomics I started reading, and one of the few I still try to keep up with. A bit behind currently but still good. Randy's comment thread is on his journal. Weirdly, and by random chance, the person who first suggested to me I read it (on the old Xnet forums) messaged me via Facebook yesterday, hadn't heard from her for years. She was also the person who got me into Jasper Fforde, of which First Among Sequels is the book I'm currently reading. Kismet?
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British Liberal, house husband, school play leader and stepdad. Campaigner, atheistic feminist, amateur baker. Male.

Known to post items of interest on occasions. More likely to link to interesting stuff. Sometimes talks about stuff he's done. Occasionally posts recipes for good food. Planning to get married, at some point. Enjoying life in Yorkshire.

Likes comments. Especially likes links. Loves to know where people came from and what they were looking for. Mostly posts everything publicly. Sometimes doesn't. Hi.

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I'm the Chair of the Brighouse branch of the Liberal Democrats.

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