Specifically for the Canadians on my friends list, and/or anyone that knows a bit more about local colloquialisms. Given that Canada uses the same system of elections as the UK, and also has multiple parties in operation, do you either use the term Tactical Voting or have a similar term which describes the phenomena? The reason I ask is because I received this comment at my old blogspot site, on a post that's clearly labelled as a promotion for my new site.
I've been doing it for years! Although my favourite party is the NDP (yes I'm Canadian), I almost always voted for the Liberals, hoping that would help beat the Conservatives, because I knew NDP wouldn't end up getting elected. Now I know what this kind of phenomenon is called. :)
It looks legit, and human, and it's on topic. The problem with it is that her sig profile links to a wordpress powered spam blog (www.6home6.info - del-linkied for obvious reasons).

So, while I'll likely keep the comment, I'm very tempted to edit out the link. A human spammer is still a spammer, even if it's on topic comment. But at the same time, should effort like that be at least acknowledged?

Oh yeah; if you don't have analysts and discussion of the phenomena, why the hell not?
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