OK, it's 2.30am and I'm wide awake thanks to a very ill 4-year-old, who's now off to the hospital with Mum and Granpa. So random amusements before I go to clear up.

Via a locked post from a normally great source of info, a rather off-the-wall webcomic, no ongoing plot, just many many silly vignettes, this one is class:
obersalzberg:: The home of Hitler, 1933--Doubt creeps in

And in good news for those of us still using the place, Facebook has woken up to the application spam problem and given many many ways to fix it. I reject almost all invites out of hand these days, I never did want to be a bloody vampire thankee muchly, and I definitely don't want to find out how gay I am. Of course, that half of the apps are made by data miners, spammers and arseholes makes me even more cautious, I'll stick to the ones that are actually useful. Or made by people I trust.

Meh, rambling. The rest of these I got from random people and don't appear to have saved who from, bit of a backlog. Long term readers will know I tend to like remakes, re-imaginings and new versions of old classics, so that they're redoing The Day the Earth Stood Still could be a good thing. Except they've cast Keanu as Klaatu. All aboard the failboat now? I don't recall ever seeing that boy act. Ah well. Indiana Jones IV: I need a pension is on its way, I'm looking forward to it, but it appears I need a companion, any volunteers? Jennie thinks, and I quote, that it's mysogonistic boy's own adventure bollocks, so is refusing, which is fair. Given that exactly the same can be said for Bond and she's a huge fan I don't really get it, and that it's boy's own adventure bollocks is surely the entire point? Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] aaronace gives us a nice fan-mix of the theme tune with clips from all the films. I liked it anyway. This one's a bit late, but meh. Some random bloke's guide to a succesful relationship and not being that ex. Think I mostly agree, opinions? Last up, how to make money in an era where copies can be made for free.

I sleep now, I hope. G'night all.
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