Heh, another amusing "best ever" list that, for the most part, concentrates on the last few years only at Empire Magazine. Aint it Cool smugly observes: Britain’s Empire magazine has chosen the 50 best TV shows ever made. Turns out they think only 39 of them are American shows! which partially reflects the nature of Empire's readership and the point that until recently British TV didn't normally even try to make the sort of shows listed, let alone get given a decent budget. As Film Fodder points out, and as you'd expect from Empire, about 40% of the best TV *ever* was in our genre. with "our" meaning SF&F there, naturally. It's actually not a bad little list. So, y'know, couldn't resist...

  1. Bold the ones you've got some DVDs of
  2. italicise the ones you'd happily watch, rent or buy the DVDs for
  3. strikeout what you didn't like or actively avoided
  4. leave the ones you have no knowledge of blank.
  5. Bold and italic for not got everything but would like.

NB: I'm including SB's collection (I'm sat next to the combined shelves), but our likes/dislikes don't exactly coincide—she'd put multiple strikethroughs on #42 whereas I'm a bit meh having previously liked a fair bit.  Feel free to tell me how wrong headed I am for liking something and/or not having watched something already, The Wire is italicised despite never having seen it, purely on strength of recommendation from the last time I saw this sort of thing.
list of 50 shows )

Original story via, meme by me because, well, why not?

ETA: A bit of digging reveals this to be from a poll of Empire readers. I've bought the mag once or twice for a special feature, buying it regularly? Takes a very special type of person...
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