I still love Rocky Horror, despite the age now showing, especially with the gender politics stuff (it was radical and progressive at the time).

Going through my archives[1] I found the video I posted 5 years ago has succumbed to bitrot and a takedown notice, so I had a quick look and found two alternative versions:

That one's just a different fan edit of clips from all the films referenced, I think it's fairly well done but for some of the clips I prefer this one:

Which claims to be close to what O'Brian wanted for the film before test screenings and similar.

Neither has the jarring NuWho Cybermen in that, I suspect, caused the takedown of the original, and I really love the timings of the film title sequences with the lyrics for the first. Anyone got a favourite?

1) For the London Calling 2014 Worldcon promo vid as it's far far better than the Dublin 2019 vid.
The Tempest Trailer:

Helen Mirren as Prospera, and what looks to be a very well put together film.

But, y'know, wizards and magic and all that, that's fantasy, must be for the kids, right?
This is absolutely brilliant. Not perfect, but still cool.
EDIT: Unfortunately the original video has been taken down by YouTube, but I found a better version.

And if you liked that, you'll almost certainly also like London Calling 2014, a very nice compilation of clips of London-set SF stuff.

From Nicholas, who got it from Sue, both of whom seem to be having innapropriate thoughts about Anne Francis in that outfit from Forbidden Planet. Can't say I blame them.

ETA: There's a non brilliantly integrated clip from Tennant era Who in there, it's appropriate, but does jar a bit, think they should've used a clip from Tomb myself...
How cool is this vid?:

It's part of the campaign for a bid to hold the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention in London in August 2014, which, y'know, would also be cool.
The Worldcon is the premier international science fiction event, and awards the prestigious Hugo Awards for achievement in the field of science fiction. 2014 will be the 75th anniversary of the first Worldcon, in New York in 1939, since when the event has been held every year apart from a break during the Second World War. It was last hosted by London in 1965, nearly fifty years ago.
Y'know the Hugo awards given out each year? To get a Hugo, you need to be shortlisted by attendees from the most recent and next WorldCon, then win the ballot of the attendees of just that WorldCon. So if you go to a WorldCon, you get to vote on who wins, etc.

Plus, also, a lot of major authors have a habit of turning up. Which is also nice. I'd love to go to a WorldCon (last UK one was before I'd heard of it), and this'd be great. They have an LJ Comm ([livejournal.com profile] londonin2014), a Twitter feed and a Facebook page, so you can go find more info &c. But, y'know, regardles, watch the vid, it's really well done, even if it is a bit over reliant on Doctor Who stuff.

On the subject of cool videos, and completely unrelated, have this pixel invasion added bonus:
Cut to save your sanity and because of that silly double-embed bug they've not fixed yet )Both from [livejournal.com profile] andrewducker
How cool is this?

And apparently I can embed one using this autoposting widget. Let's face it, it has to be Dark Star

It works too. See, how nice I am, watch an entire movie right here on my journal. There are a bunch o others, but, y'know, Dark Star. Oh, you can watch it full screen at the site itself. (via)
It appears I forgot to promote this link. I had meant to. Here we go:

Starring [livejournal.com profile] tyrell, [livejournal.com profile] halcyon_shift, one of my (and [livejournal.com profile] paulatpingu's) former housemates and a bunch of other people, Fabulon 75 is a Babylon 5 spoof that is really really really bad. It was made the year before I started at Exeter University, and was already legendary then.

Steve? Just so that you're aware. I've deliberately put that link in the clear within the cutoff length for all the aggregators this journal displays on. I doubt any of the MPs reading will bother following the link, but you never know...

It's my understanding that the server it's on has unlimited bandwidth. So, y'know, feel free to share the link ;-)
A couple days back, James Wallis posted about the Interesting 2008 unconference and it sounded, well, interesting:
Saturday was the day of Interesting 08, the second unconference organised by Russell Davies (no T on this boy) at Conway Hall in London. Thirty speakers gave talks on subjects close to their hearts, the only common linking theme that the topics were—and the speakers should be—interesting. Possibly it was the best not-a-conference conference I’ve ever been to.
Today, he's posted a video of his presentation, and it is, quite simply, brilliant:
Of especial interest to any and all science geeks, and any/all World of Warcraft players. Or people who know such players and want ammunition in order to better take the piss. Just watch it, it's worth it. Video was taken by another presenter, Roo Reynolds, who did his talk on Lego, he's got quite a lot of it. He's also listed several of the other presenters., some of which definitely look interesting.
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