Nov. 8th, 2005

For those that haven't listened to me yet and gone to buy it yet, the winner of this years World Fantasy Awards best novel? Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Susanna Clarke (Bloomsbury). It's definately my favourite book of the last few years, I plugged it a bit here and everyone I know that's read it loves it. That includes Neil Gaiman, although I haven't met him yet...

Currently reading the Dark Materials trilogy by Pullman, very good so far, but keep getting distracted by the evil intorw3b so am only on the first book. I'm, um, succumbing to the lure of Harry Potter, and am going to see the film when it comes out. That's the 00.05 showing Friday morning, ([ profile] faeriecween already has the tickets) and I'm being dragged along with [ profile] aliennurai, [ profile] byteback, Logan and Lucie. Lucie's the crazy one who thinks the Palace of Westminster should be painted pink.

But before that, am travelling to Germany with [ profile] granjero to attend KoHIT, the Warlord worlds, which will be fun. I'm one of the few that's been to every event so far. Travel back Monday, stay, hopefully, with [ profile] nadriel for a bit before trotting off to Reading for the random insanity that always seems to occur there.

There's a chance I'll be posting either via SMS or LJ2ME to [ profile] warlord_ccg while I'm at the event itself, if anyone's interested...
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