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Questionable Content:
Dora: I love a man who roots for the psycopath in the hockey mask.
Marten: How can you NOT root for him? He's doing evolution a favour by massacring these insipid coeds.
Dora: Such misanthropy! You SURE you don't have any goth in you?
Marten: I'd twist that into some kind of innuendo but I'm honestly not quite sure hwo it'd work.
Anyone else think Dora is completely wasted on him? (Yes, I'm aware she's just a webcomic character, but still...)

Got home from work Friday in a bit of a hurry, intending to grab stuff, get changed, make some sandwiches and leave again. Nope. Opened up the fridge to getthe margerine and the cheese to make the essential sandwiches. When you open a fridge, cold air is supposed to leave it, and warm air go in, right? You're not supposed to get a blast of warm air out from it, right? The fridge is buggered, the cooling mechanism seems shot and it's overheating trying to compensate. Not good. Suffice to say, the cheese was off, so sandwiches didn't happen. Making yesterday a little more expensive than it could have been. Ah well.

Had a good day yesterday, stayed at [livejournal.com profile] draich_goch's Friday night and we took a (very) early coach from Penn Inn to the ExCel centre in Docklands for Salute. Overall, a good day out. There were some exceptional display games (which I utterly failed to take pictures of), including a very well done Rorke's Drift and a number of Ancients games. Some good traders, nice to see Frank's Mongrel Miniatures going strong, saw Fat Tony (who I haven't spoken to for years) at the stand for Black Scorpion Miniatures, which is basically him marketing Adam Clarke, a former customer/GW designer (I taught him the basics, now he's running his own company, git - not that there's any money in it).

Spent a small amount of money on some space ships for Full Thrust (from GZG, and [livejournal.com profile] draich_goch did some digging last night re colour schemes. The site he found inspired me to write up a little rant re industry backbiting for [livejournal.com profile] warhammer_tx_fd here. John Tuffley is a good games designer. Unfortunately, he's also a small minded insular fool with no understanding of economics. Ah well.
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