Questionable Content:
Dora: I love a man who roots for the psycopath in the hockey mask.
Marten: How can you NOT root for him? He's doing evolution a favour by massacring these insipid coeds.
Dora: Such misanthropy! You SURE you don't have any goth in you?
Marten: I'd twist that into some kind of innuendo but I'm honestly not quite sure hwo it'd work.
Anyone else think Dora is completely wasted on him? (Yes, I'm aware she's just a webcomic character, but still...)

Friday night, broken fridge )

Brief Salute review )

Spent a small amount of money on some space ships for Full Thrust (from GZG, and [ profile] draich_goch did some digging last night re colour schemes. The site he found inspired me to write up a little rant re industry backbiting for [ profile] warhammer_tx_fd here. John Tuffley is a good games designer. Unfortunately, he's also a small minded insular fool with no understanding of economics. Ah well.
OK, as part of my "messing around with TaKtiX to see what works" project, I set up a blog for GW's Warhammer, on the grounds that a) I don't work for them anymore b) I know a lot of players, some of whom are pretty good writers and c) it should be a semi-popular subject.

So, we have a new feed account for it, [ profile] warhammer_tx_fd. However, I recommend everyone goes to read this review, Tau Empire Codex - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly by [ profile] mapp, simply because it's great. This has nothing to do with me liking Tau a lot. Mark's a cheesy git when it comes to winning though, I was convinced he was doomed at first, but Pink had no anti-tank on Sunday. Bwah ha!

Thanks Mark, pretty much exactly the sort of thing we need. In case you're wondering though, because blogger auto parses linebreaks (I can turn that off but don't want to), it means you're better off doing <h3>this</h3>with header tags, looks ugly when coding but removes some of the whitespace. I could do something witht he CSS, but that means, um, learning how...

I also like the way the template looks on that page, likely use that basic layout with a better colour scheme for the whole site once I've got it set up, yay!
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