It is a time of year to reflect, to think upon what has come to pass, to learn from the past and thank those that brought us to where we are today. Today, especially, is an exceptional day for these endeavours, being as it is the birthday of one of the greatest and most influential men to walk those green and pleasant lands.

His works, agitation and beliefs revolutionised the world, and there isn't a day that goes by in which we are not all grateful for his work and influence. More on this divinely inspired man )
Merry Christmas
Sharing this day are of course several friends, and before I forget, also happy birthday to [ profile] draich_goch, [ profile] blacktone, Simon and anyone else I've forgotten about. Have a good one.
Guess I ought to try to write something every so often here, right? Reports of my existence may or may not have been exaggerated...

So, yeah. Annual happy birthday to [ profile] foxfirefey, and indeed to my cousin Gary, ten years to the day older than me and in hospital with serious cancer (this isn't new news to me, but we share a birthday so I think about him a bit).

Meh mood,  ) but some cool stuff )I've been hacking my layout again, S2 is easier... )

Friends list reduction cut thingy )

Still, gotta finish writing this, ten minutes to midnight so the day is almost over, and cake beckons...
I quote:
I spent almost an hour at the card shop trying to find exactly the right one for you. The soppy ones were too pink and vomit-inspiring, and the funny ones were clichéd or looked cheap and tacky..

So I ended up choosing this
(Be thankful you didn't et the Bob the Builder "I am 3" with an extra 3 scrawled on it ;-) )
Inside it says Thinking of you at this time of great sorrow.

Yeah, love you too darlin' ;-)

OTOH, I did get a cool Winnie the Pooh card from [ profile] shrublette, and a bunch of birthday and engagement cards from the aunts and uncles, looks like they've been address sharing again.

Oh, and the Amazon delivery arrived. And [ profile] shrublette chose me some Maya Gold. So I may possibly be watching ep 1 of BSG s3 while eating lunch...
Some random stuff. Point one.
Hawking hath kids book? Written by him and his daughter? How cool is that?

Point two. Hopefully, if and LJ talk to each other, tonight at some point will be a linkspam post, because I'm regularly working at different PCs, my old way of storing links and posting them when I had time isn't working, so instead I'll just tag em on delicious and in theory they auto post here--it works for others, we shall see. There's a dedicated feed, [ profile] matgb_links_fd if you want them direct, and the crosspost is now three hours late...

Point four.

Happy Birthday [ profile] foxfirefey!

Point five. Question--how many times d'you think it's necessary to tell people where you live while making a point?
Many many times it seems... )
I think that last is the best one though...

G'night all. Oh, tomorrow evening (Weds--tonight really), going to be in town, probably in the Wetherspoons next to Victoria at some point around 9.30ish if anyone wants to meet for a drink.

Happy Birthday Christy-Lou!

And, also, happy birthday to [ profile] tyrell, the European Union, Patrick Troughton and Richard O'Brian (via). That's some pretty good company right there. On the subject of good company:

while my camera really doesn't like to take low-light pics, the panorama function is actually quite good. #More pics from last night in Reading on this Facebook gallery.

I'm sorry, I just have to say this again. Riff Raff is 65! Ouch. (wonders if there are any Crystal Maze episodes on YouTube)
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