The National Media Museum have finalised the programe for the 7th Fantastic Film Weekend and updated the website. They've also put up the rather nice artwork they commissioned for it, which the artist is justifiably pleased with, feel free to go congratulate him (after you've booked tickets, naturally).

Oh, for those still thinking of visiting, my parents stayed at the Waterfront Lodge last week and gave it a seal of approval, bus from outside goes straight to the museum and it's got a lot of other attendees in it, while being just downt he road from us.

Go on, y'know you want to...
Just received by email from the organisers of the 7th Fantastic Films Weekend (Friday 13 to Sunday 15 June):
Hot off the press (or whatever the equivalent is on the interweb) here's the full FFW 2008 programme, almost all confirmed...

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Weekend Pass £40 (£35 concs)
Day Pass £20 (£15 concs)
Grindhouse/Dr. Phibes double-bills £10 (£7 concs)
BTW. Passes do NOT include IMAX titles

If you've got any questions let me know. Oh, and I hope to have at least some of the John Carpenter's exclusive intro to The Thing on YouTube for you all in the next week or so, as a nice little teaser.


Your friends at FFW HQ
I've bolded the stuff I'd like to see, but nothing specifc yet—some of the stuff I haven't highlighted (like Phibes) is cool but I've watched it recently as Jennie's got the DVD. It's in Bradford, 20 minutes by bus from us here in Brighouse, anyone wanting advice for accommodation give us a shout, sofa space may still be available.

Facebook event for those interested.
I've mentioned the Fantastic Films Weekend a few times recently, but today the National Media Museum put the new website live so we have some details:
This year the line-up includes the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse double-bill, the ultimate Cushing/Lee pairing in Dracula, Daughters of Darkness, Eyes without a Face, Blood on Satan’s Claw and John Carpenter’s The Thing in 70mm with an exclusive video introduction from Carpenter himself. Our guests will be cult filmmakers Harry Kümel, Peter Duffell, Piers Haggard and Robert Fuest.
Now, I'm not a massive horror film fan (because most horror films don't involve space ships), but I can appreciate a good flick, and the normal selection they've had has been brilliant, last year included Soylent Green, 300 on the IMAX, a showing of Ghostwatch and Forbidden Planet. So that's some proper SF, some decent horror, some weird FX driven stuff and SPARTA!

It's a really cool venue in Bradford, just a few minutes walk from Bradford Interchange bus and rail station, incredibly easy to get to. Especially from our house, the 363 takes 20 minutes from the end of our street. So that's:

7th Fantastic Films Weekend runs from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 June

Admit it, you're interested. And you want to come. You can even throw in a visit to sunny Brighouse and see where I live and everything.

And, honestly? Bradford's actually quite a nice place as well. Honest. Or you could do what some of the British Horror Forum regulars are doing (including [ profile] pmoodie?), and stay in the hotel down the road from us because it's dead cheap and really nice. And they probably won't bite. Unless you're into that sort of thing. And I know you lot, some of you are...
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