Posted several linkdumps and a substantive entry to DW. The crossposter from DW is still not always getting access, neither am I, but figured some of you might like links to what you may've missed:
Livejournal under attack again
(friends locked, you'll need to login with OpenID, it's got a full list of all my currently available invite codes)

Interesting Links for 28-7-2011

Interesting Links for 27-7-2011

Interesting Links for 26-7-2011

Interesting Links for 25-7-2011

For those unaware, the attacks have been nasty, significantly stronger than the previous set and targetted at some Russian political blogs. The Russian President has ordered a police investigation, he likes to check his friends page fairly regularly...
OK, it appears that the DDOS attack that was causing issues for many of us in posting has ceased (as of Wednesday). [ profile] ljkrissy posted in [ profile] news at times we were being hit with over 10 times our normal traffic load. Ouch. LJ has, I'm told by those that know, a remarkably robust server structure, but 10 times normal traffic is horrible. Some of the preventative measures involved censorship and it y appears to be linked to a rather nasty Russian extremist group [1]. Meh, reading the comment threads as I ate my noodles, found one entitlement arse with a few issues. It's likely going to happen again, DDOSes are nasty (update and re-run spyware protection if you haven't done it recently, just in case), but in the meantime, I can post again without worrying if it'll go through.

[1] -- the Russian language sector of LJ is very political. That's about the most you'll get from me about such things; I did a study on Russian extremist movenets as part of my degree, and, well, ouch. These guys aren't even that nasty compared to many.

[2][ profile] faeriecween? I'd love to read that long update post you had queued now. I'll try to get mine done at some point, but I'm busy busy tomorrow; off to the ballet with two gorgeous women. Both of whom will read this... Ah well, hmm, 4.25am. Best not write said post now then.
Posting mainly to clear the text file. Due to an ongoing DDOS attack, a lot of LJ users (but by no means all) are finding it difficult to post full entries, at least four people on my friends list are now affected, but I don't seem to be. There's more at known issues, and there are a large number of open support requests on the subject.

There's a botnet attacking LJ, and it's making the site and staff work really hard just to keep it open, let alone adding new content. Not good. Apparently using clients like Semagic or [ profile] deepestsender mean you can get around some of the problems.

Oh yeah; happy birthday [ profile] harlotqueen
OK, heads up for those not subscribed, both [ profile] the_lj_herald and [ profile] lj_maintenance are reporting that the recent LJ clunkiness may be due to:
f a distributed denial of service (DDOS) and we've taken a number of measures to mitigate the impact in order to bring LiveJournal back to full functionality.
In the meantime, as not all comment notifications are getting through, I've rediscovered the usefulness of the Recent Comments page, now with extra souped up paid account goodness.

For the record, I'll repeat my recommendation that everyone should read [ profile] the_lj_herald, completely unofficial, but summarises all the useful LJ announcements from their various sources, a lot easier; it's on my main filter, all the others are on a 'read when bored' filter, and it'll mean you get told about things such as UK voice post numbers, new features, etc fairly quickly without wading through all the crap on the official comms.
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