Whatever thoughts crossed my mind that weren't worth a whole post.

Yeah, alright, if you can read this then you know LJ is back up again, it wasn't when I tweeted, and besides, I said it three minutes before [livejournal.com profile] status updated. Anyway, change of emphasis. My icon is borked, can oyu let me know what you can see as the avatar for this post? It's supposed to be Fineas with the word 'Life' at the bottom, not some ugly bloke. Support say they've fixed it but...
Microblogging using LoudTwitter and Twitter. [livejournal.com profile] matgb_twitter is there if you're mad enough.
How great am I? You don't know? Things to cheer you up on the train home, a notification in your inbox from [livejournal.com profile] coffeechica entitled DRUM ROLL:
This suggestion has been planned for implementation. Please watch the [livejournal.com profile] lj_releases community for updates.
I knew what post it was before I opened it, but it was nice to be sure. So that's two fixes from one suggestion.

I'm still of the opinion that the concerns about trolls editing comments are missplaced, but those that run LJ abuse disagreed--we've come up with a way to get around the problem. I reserve the right to bitch about them messing up MY idea with poor implementation, but, y'know. I rock!

ETA: Changelog entry detailing how it works:
Bullet point summary of implementation--paid users only apparently )

Oh, had a great night out, met [livejournal.com profile] nhw in the Melton Mowbray and talked SF geekery and politics with a bunch of people, was rather nice. Time to sleep now methinks.
OK, a fairly long post on the most recent news and another nail in LJ's coffin.  Those of you just interested in the future rather than the LJ trainwreck may want to skip to the second half.

A big strength of Livejournal )Livejournal may have the most insane abuse policy of any blogging platform )

This affects ALL of us

Standard blogging techniques breach LJs TOS—even quiz memes could get you in trouble )
A caveat, but either way it's a big problem for LJ )

My plans for 'jumping ship' (redux) )
So, some clarifications.
Livejournal has two principle Unique Selling Points (USPs) )
What I'm looking at for journalling/blogging )
What I'm looking at for the Friends Page )
As for the network?  )
Maybe, if we get this right, we can have it so you choose where to put your content. You choose how to aggregate the content of others. You do it quickly, and easily. You choose whter to trust as a primary platform a company like LJ, a friend running a node (*waves hand*), a new start up, or you get your own server.

But they can all interlink, all interoperate. It'd be like LJ, with the privacy you want, but encompassing the whole damn web.

I think that'd be cool. Will it work? Dunno. But the prognosis is good.

Let's reclaim the Web

I'll, um, get back to avoiding work on my bit, right?
At the beginning of last year during the Bantown cracking incident, I posted about the sucky LJ customer relations. For those wondering why I, and a lot of other unaffected people, are pissed of this time, [livejournal.com profile] liz_marcs has done a very similar explanation, thus saving me the effort. Summary:
  • The fans who posted the pics were idiots
  • LJ/6A still haven't clarified their policies
  • The policies have been implemented badly, in a very cack-handed manner
  • The Powers that be still haven't managed to understand the way the LJ fen can and will network and react
Key point:
However, LJ/6A continues to treat us (the customers) with contempt, or like we were drama queens with entitlement issues. To be fair, some people are acting like drama queens with entitlement issues, but it's not good customer service for LJ/6A to lump everyone into the same drama queen category. It's really bad customer service to act like that's the case. It's horrendous customer service to not respond to questions and repeated requests for clarification or to respond with vague statements that could be interpreted any number of ways.
I have other posts planned, on real world meaty issues. But I'm reading my new books, and wrestling with install scripts, and screaming at idiots. So they can wait until I'm in the mood.
Posting mainly to clear the text file. Due to an ongoing DDOS attack, a lot of LJ users (but by no means all) are finding it difficult to post full entries, at least four people on my friends list are now affected, but I don't seem to be. There's more at known issues, and there are a large number of open support requests on the subject.

There's a botnet attacking LJ, and it's making the site and staff work really hard just to keep it open, let alone adding new content. Not good. Apparently using clients like Semagic or [livejournal.com profile] deepestsender mean you can get around some of the problems.

Oh yeah; happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] harlotqueen
Pretty sure that most of those involved in fandom and RPGs will already be aware of this, but for those not...

LJ Abuse has shut down a massive pile of journals for simply listing illegal interests in their profiles, and they won't unsuspend, at allCut for those not involved ) Becausee some of the accounts shut down are 'bad guy' RPG characters. Some of them are simply goths who like 'loli'. One is a Nabukov reading group. Yes, they're being that unsubtle.

Just think of the children?  Yeah, right, doing more harm than good isn't helping anyone.
This is my 501st post, apparently. That's to LJ, not on all the other places I've started writing since I signed up for this thing. [livejournal.com profile] nadriel? In the unlikely event that [livejournal.com profile] liberty_central actually works, or gets somewhere at all? It's your fault y'git, you got me writing again.

Unfortunately, I can't break my writers block. I need the inaugaral "real" article for [livejournal.com profile] voting_taktix, but it won't flow. "Tactical voting is a myth", on a site dedicated to tactical voting? Yay for contradictions.

Also, nicked from someone else's LJ (look, I click on the profiles of cute girls who put themselves in userpics, ok? Anyone here not do that?):

9/9 Genius

You are 78% knowledgable and 96% intellectual.

Amazing! You have an incredible brain (intellect) and a powerhouse of information (knowledge)! Keep up the impressive work-- we all bow to you.

Tell me something I didn't know... )

Why I'm unique )

Tomorrow? Exeter, if I get up, to play silly game's at Steve's with Peter Pig. If I wake up. Oh, I also need to clean and tidy the flat, as it'll be the last chance between now and when I get back from [livejournal.com profile] nadriel's. Two weeks holiday in one month? Yay! Must remember to buy tickets for those events.

Also, on the quiz thing? A few of the questions are US specific. Sorry, but knowing which Amendment does not isn't a History question, it's a Constitutional Theory and practice Q. I mean, I got that answer right anyway, but, y'know, I would've got a better score if the questions weren't aimed at one populace. Cos I is ded smart, see?
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Layout woes

Sep. 5th, 2006 09:05 pm
Actually, the Expressive layout and theming options are very cool. I like them. A lot. In fact, my journal, although lacking a header image and some background stuff, now looks very nice indeed.

Small problem though; it doesn't work properly in IE. [livejournal.com profile] burkesworks has confirmed that the profile column appears to overlap the main entry column, which it does for me as well when I check using it. As I haven't actually touched the column positioning myself, it means it's actually a problem their end, so I've opened a support request. In the meantime, my journal looks pretty good in Fx, OK in Safari, and both unreadable in parts and fugly in IE. Hopefully, we can deal with the unreadable bits, but the fugly bits? I'm using stuff from CSS3, which IE isn't implementing at all. I looks good my end.

Bah, who cares. The BBC is going to repeat Dangermouse having bought the rights. I mean, I can't watch it, but still, that's cool, it means a whole new generation of people encounter Penfold.

Oh, the signed Jasper Fforde book I mentioned I bought yesterday? It had a postcard custom made by him half way through, of one of his made up villages. Very very cool.
I just clicked on a comment notification, got to the post, and read 4 comments I hadn't been notified of.

Looked back at the inbox, see the following:
How can comments 'sent' at that spread of times all be received '0' minutes ago? Could it be because they're timestamped at the time someone commented, but received all at the same time - ie, when LJ finally processed them?

I thought they'd got it fixed. Gah! So, hoping I haven't missed anything, going through stuff now. I like the way LJ handles comments, when it works. I just wish it worked properly.

Ah well, It's probably about time I submitted a [livejournal.com profile] suggestions about comment e-headers anyway...

Aside: [livejournal.com profile] paulatpingu? Have a look at this. Recent referrer; isn't it weird seeing what you've written translated?
Hey everyone, guess what? Yup, you've got to log in (again) and are probably going to encounter some more problems for a bit longer. It appears that putting [livejournal.com profile] news, [livejournal.com profile] lj_dev and [livejournal.com profile] lj_maintenance on your main friends page is currently an esential plan.

Great. You see, the thing is, from what I can tell, they could've predicted some of these problems, they could have warned us, they could have... You get the picture.

So, here's how to deal with this sort of thing and not piss off your paying customers. A list of what they should have done )
Here's what Livejournal have instead done:The list of what they did do )
Yup, I'm pissed. Keeping your paying customers happy is something that businesses need to do. I love LJ, I like the flexibility, the utility, the community. But the management and PR people suck. I effectively work in marketing/PR (it's a significant part of my job), and I know pissing people off by not keeping them informed is a bad idea. When the people you piss off most are the paying customers that your business model relies on heavily? Clusterfuck.

Short version: log in (again). Oh yeah, one good thing, Manage your login sessions (if they get it working...)
In their infinite wisdom, LiveJournal have expired everyones cookie without warning us. There were already some logout problems due to the new subdomain as well. I didn't realise until page 2 of my friends page, clicked reply; reloading got me 3 friends locked posts from people.

They're doing it all for our own good, but, well, they're announcing things so badly it's pissing people off. Why doesn't that really surprise me?

Change your password

Seriously, according to this blog/news post:
several Bantown members spoke at length in an online instant-message chat with Security Fix. During the chat, members of the group claimed to have used the Javascript holes to hijack more than 900,000 LiveJournal accounts..."However, we have only used approximately five hundred of these cookies so far, so it is impossible to tell whether this sample is statistically valid. Still, a massive number have been compromised."
In other words, they know 900,000 passwords, but have used 500 of them, so they may have yours without you knowing it.
This is really beginning to piss me off now, my most recent metaquote has 6 comments on it, but I've had 3 of them by email, including replies to ones I didn't get the parent of. Gah!

*goes to complain, doesn't a paid acount mean anything to these people?*

[Edit:] Congrats Miss Freddie on your latest [livejournal.com profile] randompost...
It's patchy, sometimes I get something, other times Ihave no idea. The recent comments link is great, and now bookmarked, but I miss getting everything in my inbox almost immediately.

I hope they fix whatever problems they're still having, I'm having problems setting up some feeds as well. Bored though, I'm stomping everyone in the Civ game I'm playing, I think I need to up the difficulty for the next game. Ah well...
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