Seriously, 5 days after Bart and I wrote about it, her people have issued a statement saying 'Dragon Tattoo' Rumor Is 'Absolutely False'. This is because The Sun and ran it as a story yesterday

Tabloids, not only do they get the stories completely wrong, they get the stories wrong 5 days later than a pair of bloggers...
So, Emma "Hermione" Watson has had a rather drastic haircut. So far, so "girl gets haircut", and while she does look rather pretty with it, who cares? Quoth [ profile] bart_calender:
Emma Watson's hair
Emma Watson's hair
1. In London they are currently trying to cast the role of Lizbeth Salander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

2. Emma Watson suddenly releases this picture of her "new look" to the media.

3. All of the stories about it somehow work in that she's finished shooting the last Harry Potter movie and is now out of her exclusive contract.

Now, I've not, yet, read any of Larsson's books, but that picture does look ramarkably similar, n'est ce pas? While I was writing this, it appears MTV think along the same lines, although not quite sure she's ready to do an Aliens franchise reboot, what do we think?

ETA: 5 days later, Emma Watson officially denies interest in Dragon Tattoo role.
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