But then I read this. [livejournal.com profile] theweaselking writes a guide to unlocking your Nokia mobile:
For the record, if any of you ever get a Nokia CDMA phone locked with idiotware, such as those provided by Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile, intended to make you pay them $4 per use for the privilege of using a feature that's supposed to be built into the phone, the fix is simple
Yup, the guy I get half my links from just became the main link. No idea if it'd work anywhere but Canada, and it is for Nokia phones (I'm in the hate part of the love/hate thing on their UI) but still.

As we're at it: Time consuming and silly flash game. And by time consuming, I mean cool fun, naturally.

From [livejournal.com profile] spiritof1976, I Just Wanna Look At Your Poo, a tribute to a certain, ahem, nutritionist.

Oh yeah. Three damn fine articles on why you should never install Vista, ever, nor buy a machine with it on. I'm thinking Ubuntu or similar will be ready to make a breakthrough into mainstream usage about, oh a month after Vista gets panned by everyone post-release? Michael Geist - Vista's Fine Print, Microsoft Vista tightens copyright rules & Vista Licence For Lawyers - Granizada.

I mean, seriously, they've installed stuff to degrade the quality of your stuff, slow you down and delete your software without asking? Ouch. Yes, I'm still on XP, and it's a year since I last failed to install Ubuntu. I'm thinking that they'll have an easier install by the time I'm ready to try again, but XP'll be fine for awhile yet. Vista's dead for power users, which mean it'll die in a lot of other uses after that.
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