Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace a few years back. He likes to make money out of stupid people. His official biographer summarises his opinion of the site and its users:
I don’t think that’s true. I think it is—if you’re on MySpace now, you’re a [expletive] cretin. And you’re not only a [expletive] cretin, but you’re poor. Nobody who has beyond an 8th grade level of education is on MySpace. It is for backwards people.
Which, in slightly less fragrent terms, is what I've read about the demographics of MySpace use as opposed to Facebook use (Livejournal demographics are a subset of the Facebook demographic, Facebook is used by educated people, LJ is used by educated goths, geeks and weirdoes). All of this via the excellent [ profile] jleach, who is The Independent's digital media editor.

I was planning on doing a whole "LJ has grown up and poached The Independent from Six Apart" post, but I haven't. So here we go. LJ has poached the Indy and is working on others. They were using the execrable TypePad service for their blogs, now they're on here. And promoting LJ to their readers and website users. So there's a big influx of slightly confused new users with the 'Independent Minds' logo as their default userpic. If you see it, be nice, a lot of them are all confused.

Oh, and my 'Livejournal is doomed' posts that used to be fairly regular aren't any more—the new owners, it seems, definitely 'get' what the site could be, and are working towards it. For the first time in years, we're back above a million active users per month now. That's awesome.

LJ is competing with the big boys of blogging now. And it looks like it could be winning.
Hmm, a little behind on this one[2]. How about this for a publicity stunt? The Get Out Clause[1] are a Manchester based band who, apparently, are a bit skint, so rather than hire a video producer, they wandered around Manchester with some kit and performed in front of CCTV, then used some FoI to get hold of the footage, and edit it together to get this (you might want to turn the volume down, not my sort of thing anyway):
Not a bad little video on zero budget, right? Um, well, according to a comment on the YouTube page:
They have admitted it was all a hoax a PA stunt to get them attention. Good on them it worked, It made me look.
Which makes sense, as if they haven't got the cash for a crew, they probably can't afford the £10 per request for the 80 different cameras they performed in front of, right? Still, it got them some good media coverage right?

Hmm, think the kudos for that go to their PR firm[3], who used to handle such failures as, well Oasis. Hmm, publicity stunt? I think so. Well done? I also think so.

Initially via [info]theweaselking

[1] Really shitty website. Really bad. Sorry. But their MySpace is non-ugly.

[2] Tom Watson, MP and Govt Minister wrote about them a few days back and if a Govt minister has heard of a new band before me I'm really out of touch.

[3] Whose site, will a bit bare as a site, is a damn fine example of Writing for the Web, using some interesting tricks to keep the attention of the reader.
Just got in, so before I catch up, read comments, etc, I thought I'd respond to the email in my inbox. OH good, a friend request on MySpace (feel that irony there). Now, see, I hate MySpace; it has uses, but they're not really for me. My profile says:
NB: if you want to add me and it's not obvious from your profile that I know you, send me a message; I'll deny any request from people I don't recognise, so don't waste each others time, ok? I'm hear to keep in touch with actual friends on here, I use Livejournal, Facebook and similar, better sites for meeting new people.
Basically, I'm interested in three types of people on MySpace; people I actually know that aren't on Fb or LJ, people I've met through the former two that use MySpace as well, and authors/bands that I actually know of[1]. So I don't want random requests, and I always deny them if I don't know the person; sometimes I reply, mostly I don't. I think from now on I'll post here, publicly, especially if I get a request from someone as easily mockable as this idiot:
Hello I'm Michael Smith, 21yo, living in Oxford. I'm a writer and am currently busy finishing my debut novel, Jamie Roberts and the Puzzle of Darkness. It's the first in my epic fantasy series; Wielder of the Stones. It's out on October 8th.
Right. Jamie Roberts and the blahdy blahdy, part one of an epic... Sound a bit familiar? Look, it gets worse:
THE PLOT Jamie Roberts is 16 years old, orphaned and has never known his family.
Now, I've not actually read the books, despite many attempts to make me, but I do know the basics. A certain Harry Potter is an orphan as well. Hmm, let's have a look at his interests:
Books: I love fantasy stories. I particularly like The Inheritance Trilogy written by Christopher Paolini, and the Alex Rider series written by Anthony Horowitz. My big reading passion is Harry Potter. July 21st can't come quickly enough.
Yeah, there's a surprise. 21 year old wannabe author, spamming friends requests (probably using a script) to people who've specifically said they don't want to know, with no follow up message. I'm pretty sure he's not someone I know from here or elsewhere, but even if he is? A bit, um, challenged in the verbal comprehension stakes methinks? Scary: It's out on October 8th. WTF?!? There are smart, intelligent capable, decent writers on my friends list, yet this kid has a book deal and they don't? FFS. Mr Smith? If you do read this, you did kinda ask for it there...

Meh, the book signing I mentioned yesterday went well, more on that later, but was very very cool.
[1] Oh, I sometimes make exceptions for very attractive women, but I blame Jennie for that.
Or, what not to do with your online blog. Enraged locals drive blogger from Barrow-in-Furness | The Register:
Steve Beall, 20, had been relocated from Whitley Bay by choc outfit Thorntons to run a new "Cafe Thorntons" in the sun-kissed Cumbrian paradise. The firm put him up in a local Travelodge, but he evidently wasn't impressed with his new home. Under the name "Stevo", Beall wrote: "Well then what is there to say about Barrow in Furness apart from its a s***-hole!! "How the hell people live there I'll never no [sic]"
Silly damn fool. If you're going to write about work online, then either completely anonymise it (cf NHS Blog Doc, Bystander, etc) or be very very careful about what you say and how you say it.

Or, alternately, use those privacy functions that even MySpace allows (and LJ does so much better) and make sure it's not publicly available. And next time it's my last day and my boss says I can go home when I've done clearing the desk, I'll make sure to set the file transfer of the zip of all my personal stuff up a little earlier... Filezilla is about 42% into a 120Mb upload. Which given we're on ADSL is taking it's time even though I'm the only one here except the Deputy MD...

Still, found some fun old files from years back, including the CV I used to apply for the job.
Look, I know you've had a quiet week for the most part, but I think it's time to explain a few home truths.
  1. I do not have a PayPal account
  2. I do not have an eBay account
  3. I have no real interest in OEM software
  4. I have never bought a ticket in the Netherlands lottery
  5. If I want to look at porn, I will go and look at porn you don't need to mail me with links to your crappy redirect sites
  6. What is Cialis anyway. And, for that matter, can you please learn to spell Viagra?
  7. Those 419 advance fee fraud things you keep sending me? Only work on people with money in their bank account, I don't
  8. I have a decent spam filter anyway...
That last is the clincher here, right? The death of spam? )

So, dear friends. If you would be so kind as to target your advertising bollocks more effectively, and stop sending me stuff that's completely irrelevent, I would very much appreciate it. I'm already signed up for a few sites created by former colleagues of yours that exist specifically to spam me stuff, you could learn from them and realise the game is up? Thanks chaps, much appreciated.
[ profile] lmnicole did a meme. It had a purty picture, but not my type, so I did it too. Look, I did try, I really did... )

In other news, I'm playing around with MySpace, and I hate it. I really do. Except. Within 24 hours of telling it what school I went to, an old school friend messaged me there. Maybe there is a point to it? Nah. So why am I using Murdoch's godawful website?
  1. I will control the name matbowles & matgb on every site in the world, especially if popular.
  2. Everyone else seems to be doing it, so I might as well see what the fuss is about 1
  3. Our new(ish) receptionist at work uses one. Degree in english, fun, brunette, recently single, likes SciFi, books, the D&D cartoon (I haven't asked why yet) and lists bands that aren't awful in her interests. Summary of this reason? hot girls, natch
So, if'n you're on it, save me the time finding you, and say hello?

Discussion at [ profile] innerbrat's suggest setting up (or finding) a "only here because you guys suck too much for LiveJournal" community. Anyone seen one?

Also, anyone know how to code it? It looks to be made to be idiot proof. As I've progressed beyond idiot level, I can't figure out what code to put where to make it look, well, not awful. Also, can't be arsed with writing stuff on the profile yet...

1 I concur with previous stated opinion; MySpace is for people that that want to use the net, but either don't now how, are scared of it, or don't want to appear too geeky by understanding stuff.
Firstly, [ profile] azurelunatic brings the funny. Next, [ profile] alexlucard polls it good. [ profile] demiurgent brings a sense of perspective.
The vast majority of folks who pay for Paid do it for A) convenience (say, for the e-mail address) or B) because they want to support Livejournal. A smaller subsection want the extra userpics. Six Apart apparently believes that they can get as much money in advertising revenues to make up for people deciding they don't want to do the public television model of support.
At the end of the day, I use LJ to keep in touch with my friends, 90% of whom are now on here or syndicated. I'll be staying. I don't, actually, mind ads that much (I use them to pay bills on my sites, right?), I just dislike the way they've, effectively, broken a promise.

Although, they are doing it in a fairly cool way, and even when logged out and looking for them, it's not MySpace. For the record, I now cannot load most myspace profiles, my dial up simply gives up. That is one really badly put together site, but hey, Murdoch is paying for the bandwidth.

Given that it's Thursday, I really should have gotten around to doing my "I had a great weekend" post like wot I meant to on Tuesday. Suffice to say, I had a great weekend. Two people I'm close to had birthdays, and seeing either of them always cheers me up. Also, free chocolate.

Tomorrow, I go to [ profile] draich_goch's to play Kingmaker and sleep, then first thing he's taking us toa coach meeting point; we're off to London for Salute.

You are not worthy... )Yup, I had to clean that code up something chronic, it'll work without cleaning but still...

However, you note that Quixilla now has an auto-insert button for MySpace users so they don't need to copy/paste? MySpace is that stupid that an auto insert is needed for some of the more obtuse?

Which does, of course, lead me to this meta of this post:Cut for a few paragraphs of amusing anti MySpace/Geocitiesparallels ) Samy remains a hero, but beyond that...

I dislike the way SixApart is taking LJ, but, well, no matter how bad it gets, it'll still be better than MySpace.
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