Imperial War Museum hides its exhibits, but I might want to go back for another look around soon; any takers?

Methinks the didn't think this advert through (although I wouldn't mind meeting the girl pictured).

The 10 London Travel Commandments, a FridayCities project, brought to us by the same people that do the Friday Thing email.  I'm here, but I'm not sure I get the point, I guess got to get some friends on there.  Londoners on my friends list might want to give it a go? Invite code: jcccwy6ru1bq (don't follow the link from the commandments site, go directly there, type my code in, it gives me some bonus features I haven't figured out yet...).

Stardust trailer, (via) not sure on this one, TBH, bought the book in a sale awhileback, have held off reading as suspect movie may be good, but not the book, so more likely to enjoy the book after the movie...

DOS x86 emulator entirely in java, runs in your browser window (or apparently on your mobile phone).  Am killing that window now, have things to do today. Instructions / via.

ETA: [ profile] flemco speculates on a possible 300 sequel. It's Jay, do you need the NSFW warning?

Gotta go, [ profile] faeriecween's birthday thing - which is why I didn't do Betty Ford last night for those wondering, got weekends mixed up...
Yeah, I'm going to play again. Playtesting it is fun, and the wrinkles are getting ironed out. Some of the cheating whingers annoy a little, but there we go. I'd like to survive the next one, but that would mean getting the notification email...
Infection game card, cut for your boredom threshold )
I'll put the card into my u-info at some point soon, it's about time I tidied it up. Just got back in from Rob's, played Amun Re while battle #4, month/turn 2 (July 1861) was half completed downstairs for the ACW campaign. The CSA has taken Maryland and is pushing north into Penn State, but has caught up with the fleeing Union forces near a small, insignificant and never before heard of crossroads town of Gettysburg. This scenario is even nastier than the last one.
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my stats Ah. Oops. See, I went to Exeter today, [ profile] granjero organised a Warlord tournament at Steve's. Took my phone with me, with my email and the login page for Infection bookmarked. Unfortunately, could only check between each, hour long, round. But an infection round is, um, 35 minutes currently (it was an hour when I signed up). Oops. [ profile] mapp noticed and texted me, but I got the text a bit too late (reception at Steve's is awful) and logged in just as I died. Bugger. Worst bit? team stats The team's dropping like flies as well. 13 members left out of 100? Ouch. Still, an interesting idea for an LJ based game, and it can work. I suspect when this game is over, the next one will have less players, but be more organised. Being able to set a sleep mode is essential, but an 'away' mode might be useful, and possible a weekdays only mode. Ah well.

The tournament? I borrowed a deck from Chris. New Merc Warlord, interesting idea, but as Chris said, not at all tuned and in need of some work. Huge turnout from the Barnstable lads, bugger all from Exeter, just 4 of us. Still, a good day. Went up to campus to see if there was anything worth doing at GeekSoc, but no, everyone playing bloody RPGs. Need to work on that a bit, never going to keep new members if there's no one available for pick-up games. Anyone up to doing something next week?

I'm in a bit of a 'meh' mood at the moment. Off to see the lawyers tomorrow morning, hopefully be able to talk about it openly tomorrow evening. Have no plans for Xmas, no plans for New Years. Am thinking family for Xmas, London for New Years; any Londoners got any specific plans made?
  1. [ profile] grrliz on web standards and LJ accessibility. Very, very cool article, well researched and some good points. I (mostly) agree with her, I've made a few quibbles in the comments. If'n you don't know, she's the winner of that Style Contest thing 6A ran, and deservedly so, even if she did choose a bloody awful font; layout/change style: pick style contest: the late show, that's her. Nice, innit? Go read the article, put some time aside, it's just worth it.

  2. [ profile] theweaselking with some absolutely awesome pics of forced perspective room decorations. Really well done, very freaky.

  3. [ profile] freddiefraggles asks:
    Why is it that the first character most girls make ... is a Night Elf Hunter?
    and it's a good question. There are, of course, two reasons I don't play Warcrack
    1. I'm on a dial up connection
    2. If I start, I'll never stop
    but I do love the background, suitable daft high fantasy...

  4. Also? [ profile] shakalooloo is a sneaky cheatin' b'stard. Most of us knew that, but look at that list. No wonder he got to level 8 before me...
G'night all...
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Join my team. Go on, join. It's, like, the third team set up. Go on...
And yes, I did sign up for the emails, no idea how the game works, there aren't any teams big enough to start yet. Join us...
watch matgb fight

I just got beaten in a fight because I haven't got enough 'children', so go sign up so I can win some more. He's got it on his own domain now, maybe the server can handle it this time...
watch matgb fight

old version )

I keep dying. One of the cool things is going back up the chain of 'parents' till you get the top. Spread fairly quickly given it started today...
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