So then. Apparantly Brits can't distinguish history from the TV listings and think Churchill is a myth. The whole story, which seems to have got everywhere, is from a dodgy survey concocted by UKTV Gold in order to promote their repeating of the first series of Robin Hoodie. [ profile] paulgregory shares my scepticism and thinks it's full of crap and like me would like to see the actual polling data, because reputable pollsters make their data available and it sounds as if it's a push poll to me. Best bit? Apparently these are the
Top ten fictional characters that the British public thinks are real

* 1) King Arthur – 65%
* 2) Sherlock Holmes – 58%
* 3) Robin Hood – 51%
* 4) Eleanor Rigby – 47%
* 5) Mona Lisa -35%
* 6) Dick Turpin – 34%
* 7) Biggles – 33%
* 8) The Three Musketeers – 17%
* 9) Lady Godiva – 12%
* 10) Robinson Crusoe – 5%
Note that the ones I've bolded aren't "fictional characters" Mr crappy publicist, but actual real people from history. Arthur almost certainly existed, but not with the stories that have grown up around him and the "round table". Robin Hood? Buried about 5 miles from here. Well, one of the blokes he was based on is, anyway. Lies, damned lies, and dodgy surveys concocted by publicists.

Meh, fun stuff. [ profile] theweaselking has a very cool book/kraken sculpture, just go look, it's very cool but hard to describe. And something I forgot to link last time, Charlie Stross has decided to make a UK version of the annual Mindset List prepared each year by Beloit College Public Affairs. Scary, people that start their degrees this coming September were born after the fall of the Berlin Wall...
  • 14:12 leaving London and thus no longer a Londoner. And no longer a car owner either. Goodbye Peaugeot, rust in peace #
  • 14:39 amused at the tomtom. When it says 'ahead, keep right' it means don't take the junction, stay on the motorway, you're stuck on it for ag ... #
  • 16:34 entering Nottinghamshire and wondering why they've got a sign saying Robin Hood County when his grave is just outside Brighouse. #

Look, it's better than me texting LJ directly when I'm bored, right? Plus, y'know, microblogging, it's all the rage donchaknow. LoudTwitter
OK, Saturday, as I said, I was supposed to meet [ profile] draich_goch and others in Exeter. I was also supposed to go to his Sat evening so I could watch the new Robin Hood. Only, y'know, the whole not watching TV thing meant I completely forgot about it.

Tonight, I went to his (to sort out some stuff for our ACW campaign, we are nasty little moderators), and after we'd done watched the recording he'd made.

Given the general consensus of my friends list from Saturday, I wasn't expecting much from it. Y'know what? My low expectations? Far too high.

Ye gods that was awful

Robin Hood ramblings )

Also, does anyone else find that they have absolutely great ideas for posts when completely unable to write them up, like while driving? I had one earlier, in response to this post by [ profile] rho and the post she links to by [ profile] wearemany. Both posts are great, and worth a read, but the money quote (well, my favourite) from [ profile] rho has to be:
geeks, in my experience, tend to be tolerant, not out of any sort of moral or ethical conviction, but because they just don't care. Worrying about someone's sexuality just gives you less time to be concerned over more important things like their OS choice or their collection of polyhedral dice.
I'll try and write up what I was going to write when I'm not already up too late...
OK, we've got BBC Radio One on in the office, and I haven't retuned it yet. A few minutes back, an intro to a song I never expected to hear on a mainstream radio show came on, very distinctive.

Sisters of Mercy's "Alice". There was than a male voiceover, and it became apparent it was a trailer. For the new Robin Hood series. Now, I knew of course it was coming up, but not this weekend. Now, can someone with a TV confirm if it looks good and worth watching, should I find somewhere with a TV to go watch it at?

Also, are the TV trailers also using an old goth anthem for trailing it? Regardless, why use an old Sisters song for a trail for a medieval myth?

It sounded like the remix from the Under the Gun single, not the original, but with office background couldn't quite tell...
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