Can't sleep, at all, so instead you get an insomnia fueled ramble. Not sure if the PC now being at the end of the bed in the new place is a good thing or not, I liked having a desk in a separate room, ah well...

Getting back into writing again, hopefully. )

Y'see, something worries me. It's a bit of a rambling worry, but, well, bear with me.

Remember Mr Blair's Big Tent?

Big tents and partizanship )

So, what am I worried about?

Duverger, the Stupid Party and The Project )

Too big a landslide caused Labour's problems

Lack of genuine reform means the day to day issues are worse )

What if the Tories get a landslide?

The Tories could actually win, on their own *gulp* )

My ideal results... )

Anyway, back to [ profile] voting_taktix, and me being part of a team. I need one. No experience necessary, but an interest in freedom would help )
Anyone want to help?  No commitments required.  Honest.
Interesting discussion at [ profile] publicansdecoy's about the anniversay of the Act of Union and the creation of Great Britain. David's concentrating on the West Lothian question, which I've done to death in the past, so instead I thought I'd discuss celebrating the anniversay. Any ideas, feel free to contribute either at [ profile] voting_taktix or here because, y'know, comments=good.

On the subject of V-TX, kick starting it again; [ profile] draxar transferred his article on hypothecated taxation, we've had a 'chat' about Europe (again) and I went through an article of Prof Fred Halliday's, who if I recall correctly taught David Armstrong, who was my Head of Department at Exeter. They're both a little dull and dry, unless you're an IR wonk, but we end up talking on the post about condoms, as always...

Oh yeah; I'd like more writers, either occasionally or regularly, the more people writing, the better it gets I think, there are two more coming on board soon, but there are loads of people reading this that write about politics sometimes; I'll start harassing people or sending invites soon...
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