12 real ale pumps, damn fine cider, quality food, great staff[1] and a top quality landlady:
Part of the play is a fight between St George and an Arabian, which got one of the men who was in drinking rather excited. He shouted some stuff like ENG-ER-LAND! ST GEORGE! ENGLISH KNIGHT! to which Liz said Actually he was from Palestine... Then he stood up and shouted BNP! BRITISH FUCKING NATIONAL PARTY! Liz was not happy about this. Liz said OI! Shut the fuck up! We'll not have your fascist shit in MY pub! in a very firm voice.
One of the many reasons why I'm quite happy to be moving up there.
[1] Yes, I'm biased, but what do you expect?
Bugger, forgot to change the 'posti to' bit, so this ended up in my journal as well (briefly); a bit on Electoral Reform, the spurious "no-platform" ideal and why last night is a good reason to change is written up here in [livejournal.com profile] ukpolitics.
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