Meh. Um, yeah, pirates. Talk like a seagoing criminal day? historical seagoing criminal day? Spacegoing criminal day? Humourless git day?

I like movie pirates. I like pop culture pirates. I also, (whispers) like ninjas. Like most Lib Dems, I want it both ways and am somewhere in between. Thoughts on the modern term 'pirate' )

So, yeah, talk like a pirate. Use a silly icon. Have a giggle. Only, LJ? Next time you decide to celebrate International Talk like a pirate day? Could you make it so the little tricks you put on the profile and update pages showed up for people using English English as well as US/LJ English? Thx muchly.

notes from the basement

[ profile] lithium_doll managed to get to 1000 comments. Utter insanity. Cool.

Also? How not to hunt for a place to live in London. Not a good day. More seriously, [ profile] jantshira really could do with a stroke of luck finding a room to rent in London. If anyone reading this knows someone that could help?
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