• El Reg shifted the feed BOFH was on (again) and I hadn't noticed. Been in this sort of meeting a few times, in such a discussion, backing up the MD or the tech, the tech wins. Every time. ([livejournal.com profile] reg_bofh is new syndication account BTW)
  • Sparkle has a job interview, and could do with the help of People of Faith, so, y'know go help her (it's a good job): I need to do a short presentation (as if it were to the local Church Council) entitled Teenagers: Faith in a Materialistic Age.
ETA: the last link doesn't need to be just for those who believe—lack of faith is as relevent I think.
Bad news. El Reg reports UK ID card service mounts birth, marriage, death landgrab:
The UK Identity & Passport Service (IPS) has staged an identity landgrab on birth, marriage and death records. From April 2008 the General Register Office, which is responsible for recording these matters and is currently a directorate of the Office of National Statistics, is to become part of IPS, meaning that IPS will be logging you from the moment you're born until the moment you die.

The logic of the move is chilling.
There might be a little hyperbole in that report, but not much, and I agree with the general thrust. You will be stamped, you will be categorised, you will be numbered. Come in Number Six, your free time is up.

Other, possibly good, possibly bad news? They're getting efficient as well. Jennie's passport just arrived. Hand delivered. She only sent the forms off last week. So yay! we can book flights. But it seems they are now able to organise piss-ups in breweries.
Via the ever amusing Register odds feed, James Blunt is definitely a wanker, try it for yourself on the Amazon.co.uk search page and look at 'related searches' (ETA: The search for James Blunt appears to have been fixed, I now link to the search for wanker—if they've fixed that, try tedious). No, I don't know how their algorithm works, but I might look into it at some point—I think it's something to do with what people search for while buying things.

In other news, via Gareth, how about a Scotsman with a 4-week hangover? Gareth thinks he's a lightweight, Jennie knows people that drink more than that regularly. I'm scared.
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