Today, the kids at the school had a new skipping song (I work with 4-7 year olds, skipping songs are cool). It was very familiar to me, and now it's stuck in my head. Specifically, it was this one:

I'm thinking I might need to Have Words with the teacher about teaching them to search YouTube so effectively.

i've been trying to clear it out with other songs all afternoon, but even the normally trusted favourites like Sound of the Suburbs or Anyone Can Play Guitar have failed me.

So it's your turn. I'd apologise, but, y'know...
One of the things that always bugs me online is different peoples reactions to plot 'spoilers' for media things—unpredictable and at times downright weird, as Nick Mamatas demonstrated last month. Now me, I tend to seek them out for shows I like—before the internet I had a subscription to SFX partially for the spoiler zone section, I loved reading about shows way in advance and knowing what would happen. But then I tend to rewatch stuff I like a lot anyway. So, inspired by this old poll at [ profile] nmg's, I thought I'd update it a bit.

Warning though, below the fold are some minor spoilers for recent films such as Iron Man, Harry Potter 5 and Spiderman, and also endings/character reveals for Hamlet, Sixth Sense, Citizen Kane, the Star Wars trilogy, Soylent Green and Fight Club. Nothing is revealed that isn't on this classic t-shirt but if you really are that averse, just scroll to the last question...

[Poll #1199471]

Obviously some things, like the end of a genuine mystery, are worth hiding if that's how it's written—knowing who did it never seemed to hurt my enjoyment of Columbo though, and a chunk of my reading is always history books where, y'know, I normally know the ending. It's not what happens that matters to me, it's how—I'm there for the ride, not the big splash at the bottom. You?
So, um, yeah. Did I mention that while I was oop North we went to see that Harry Potter film on the Bradford IMAX? No? Ah well. SB wrote her review so I thought I'd do a quick summary of good and bad bits before the link below:
Mat's review of HP:OOTP )
There, that's a fairly good review I think. Anyway, for those that haven't seen it, don't want to see it, or simply fancy a giggle, [ profile] waka_laka has seen it, and gives a reasonable summary of the main points of plot:
During filming

Emma Watson: *reading the script* Do I FINALLY get a potentially funny line?!
Rupert Grint: Are you sure you can handle it? Can you handle the responsibility that comes with it? You don't want to let me do it?
Emma Watson: Oh RUPERTALD. I can of COURSE do this line expertly for I am EMMA WATSON and I am HERMIONE!
Rupert Grint: *shuffles off back to his ice cream van*

Back to the film -

Hermione: Allow me to introduce you to this female homosapien, Loony Lun- I mean, Luna Lovegood!
Audience: ...
Hermione: ...
Tumbleweed: *blows past*
Audience: Yeah that wasn't funny in the slightest.
Hermione: *turns away and looks embarrassed*
Everyone else in the world: *is embarrassed for her*
Luna: *says ANYTHING and saves the scene entirely*
Go read.

Oh yeah, loads of comments to my last entry, and I'm feeling groggy and not thinking straight, but people seem quite happy discussing it between themselves so, well, I promise to re-read when the Lemsip is working better.
OK, one of the basic rules of blogging is that links aren't there to help the blogger, they're there as a service to your readers. Consequently, although this link has little appeal to me, I provide it because I know a fair number of my friends are filthy perverted voyeurs who like looking at pictures of mostly naked young pretty people. Therefore, this link is fr all the filthy perverted types out there; the Leaky Couldron (a site I'm not known to frequent but I lost the via link, sorry), has pictures of Daniel Radcliffe almost naked taken from the publicity for his new play, Equus. Somehow, I suspect I'm going to attend that play at some point. Oh well, it looks like it might have a few redeeming features (the website can't seem to tell me who she is, any ideas out there?).

On the subject of Harry Potter fans; [ profile] jantshira (and possibly others) would likely be interested in this quote by [ profile] james_nicoll which he's repeated on his profile:
The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.
There's an icon with a paraphrase doing the rounds out there as well, but it's rather apposite to a few conversations I've had recently.

Now, via [ profile] tyrell, this is rather good ad, book report comparing Bill Clinton's memoirs with Titanic:
Titanic:..... The story of Jack and Rose, their forbidden love, and
subsequent catastrophe.
Clinton:..... The story of Bill and Monica, their forbidden love, and
subsequent catastrophe.

Titanic:..... Jack is a starving artist.
Clinton:..... Bill is a bullshit artist.

Perhaps of more general importance, one of Blair's best mates has been arrested (again), and of course we all believe Mr Blair's Spokesman when he says the sainted Tone had nothing to do with it, don't we children? Meh. Why is it always corruption that gets them? Invade a small country illegally after lying about the justification? No problem. 'Borrow' money to pay for an overbudgeted election campaign, and you get caught. Ah well, they got Capone on tax fraud after all.

Now this, on the other hand, is very cool, Stonehenge builders' houses found (also at How cool is that? Might have to make a small detour seing as the site is directly on the drive to Torquay from here.

Also, it looks like, if things keep going, we may actually get peace in our time! Well, in Northern Ireland, anyway, which is good enough given the history of the last 30 or so years. This also means a lovely new set of elections to watch, coming soon; [ profile] sammymorse has already started an analysis of the more interesting battlegrounds, and I bow to his superior local knowledge (he was [ profile] nhw's agent when he ran for the precursor to the assembly).

And last up, from Alex Lucard what has to be the weirdest hotel resort in existence. It's a former top security prison in Latvia, and you pay them to lock you up and be treated like a prisoner. Nice... (site is flash based, and thus BAD, but given I'm no longer on dial-up, it's actually loadable, still crap though, as entirely flash sites always are).

Lastly, a question: Would I be better off attending Les Miserables for the first time having read up on the plot, or going in cold?
William Hill has a set of odds for entertainment related stuff for next year. Some of them are suitably daft. This link may work (if not go to their homepage, on the left click specials/tv then entertainment) (via-sort of):
Lord Voldermort Revealed To Be The Killer Of Harry Potter : 5/1
Prince William To Have A State Wedding : 6/1
Beatles To Have A No. 1 Single : 10/1
Dumbledore To Be Brought Back To Life In Final Harry Potter Book : 10/1
Harry Potter - Ron & Hermoine To Marry : 10/1
Daniel Craig To Win Best Actor Oscar : 25/1
Lembit Opik And Cheeky Girls To Have A Number 1 : 66/1
Proof That The 1969 Lunar Landings Never Happened : 250/1
Queen To Abdicate : 10/1
Note that on the full list, the Queen to abdicate thing is at the bottom, way after the Loch Ness monster and Kate Moss silliness, but has significantly shorter odds. Also note that Harry Potter gets as many entries as Posh and Becks.

Can one of the Harry Potter experts out there confirm: I thought the whole point of the ghosts thing is that death is just another state of being? Ergo he's not going to come back to life, but is going to be a character in the book? Bet someone'll be conned into putting money down anyway, and then whinge about their own stupidity afterwards...

Also? The Sun says Tennant to leave Dr Who. The BBC denies it. Given Tennant is the biggest fanboy ever, I'll go with the Beeb version for now (via). Right, 2am. Time to go to bed. I have Torchwood DVDs to (re)watch.
I've mentioned Vincent Flanders' [ profile] wpts a few times before, but todays is particularly apposite given recent news and interest, plus more than a few of you reading this. Web Pages That Suck -- Examples of Bad Web Design:
As far as MMN goes, you're looking at a very expensive cut of meat -- she's got the money for the best Mystery Meat money can buy. She should have an obvious link to a site that would answer your questions because there are lots of folks like you who want just the facts.
The site in question? J. K. Rowling.

Because, as sites go, playing hangman to find out the answer to a news announcement? That's just crazy talk.

Meh, last day at work, last few hours in the office, I'm still trying to clear and sort my desk, it's more than a little weird...
[ profile] beau_bo_d_or_fd is working on the website for Tony Blair International Airport (formerly Glasgow Prestwick). The ads page is, um, interesting. A little late, but the Murdoch owned Sunday Times really is the scum of the earth, no more [ profile] one_track_girl thanks to them.

Oy, journalists. Some people blog anonymously because they need to. Some people don't want their writing associated with their professional life. Get a clue, please?

Argentinian cooperatives show how you don't actually need capitalism to build an effective market economy (pay attention to the guy on the bike, he's cool). Given the above mentions that boy wizard thing, how about a report on a Harry Potter convention (by someone who, amusingly, had never heard of slashfic...). There's a bit on Samuel L's method acting for that film, and then we can finish on the evidence that I chose the wrong subject to blog about...

For the benefits of [ profile] faeriecween, [ profile] jantshira and others...

So here it is: Daniel 'Harry Potter' Radcliffe is all set to staras Alan Strang in Equus when it comes to the West End next year.

In case you haven't read it, we aren't really spoling anything for you if we say that Strang's favourite hobby is sneaking around stabbing horse's in the eyes with big metal spikes. Not exactly quidditch is it?

There's also a scene in the play which requires the actor playing Strang to ride a horse naked.

From [ profile] londonist, here.

Just, y'know, observing...
Randomly clicking on people commenting in friends journals, I see this:
Does anybody know of any hot drinks that don't contain caffeine (tea), make you wee excessively (hot chocolate), or taste like dishwater (camomile), sweat (ginger and lemon) or battery acid (fruit tea)? I have an inkling I'm going to be drinking a lot of hot squash this winter...
I hate camomile, so I go with the hot chocolate option. Camomile dos help me sleep ([ profile] mapp, have you ever tried it? It may help), but, well, that's not a big enough benefit to buy it. Drinking it when it's supplied is another issue though.

Shame [ profile] faeriecween's offline at the moment, 'tis her who keeps giving me the stuff to drink.

Ah, feck it, might as well quote the HP review )Welcome back to Hogwarts, a school with such a shameful record of appointing teachers who are actually murderous demons in disguise that it should have been shut down by Ofsted...backstory... )the malevolent minions of Voldemort try to kill him (again) ). Just as frightening for Harry there are some steretyped foreigners )at Hogwarts for a pretext that isn't really explained very well. We have ) the jeunes filles from France and )the Durmstrang Institute's crewcut stormtroopers.It's probably ) the most gratifying film of the series the first that's ) a distinct entity in its own right and not ) a scene-by-scene re-enactment It's funny at times, you can follow the plot without having read the book and ) J K Rowling's notorious overblown prose is ) pared back to basics, and, if you're a dull witted reviewer who needs to get out more, ) The action set-pieces are genuinely thrilling although, to be fair, I did laugh a lot ). Mike Newell has made no bones about sending his young stars to acting classes, and it's a move that's paid off it has? That's news to me, Harry was wooden throughout, maybe the ability to emote isn't needed in a child star ) Mind you, the idea that Hermione might fancy Ron seems a lot more convincing in the book than in a film where, frankly, she's out of his Quidditch league.
That last bit is true, she almost looked good in the ballgown. For a kid far to young for me, anyway.
Weird, tried swapping the sim with a different phone, that didn't work but when I put it back in my handset the screen works again. Weird, but can send/receive again :-D The crazy people are getting more obsessed with That Film, 5 and a bit hours to go. Obsession can be scary to behold.
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Oct. 25th, 2005 04:26 pm
Didn't think of this while I did them all, but a prize for the least spelling/grammar errors should be given out. NB, I don't think any of them have none.

Least blanket assumptions or mass generalisations may be more difficult. Crappy what goth test, but purty pictures ) Oh look, I'm an old fart. Quel surprise eh? Burn the land, boil the sea ) WTF? Ah well, the test is actually not bad, I didn't scream at the grammar or spelling errors, and there are lots of results.I'm the dark brooding one (again) )Meh, not even a pretty picture... If I'm this, how far off the scale are some of my friends? )Methinks some of the creators of these tests are a little too innocent for their own good. The guy in charge. Again. Anyone spot a pattern here? )Is it wrong that I've almost been talked into reading the books? How sweet and innocent; 'the space between the legs'... )Really? Never would have figured that out on my own. Radical come reformist/pupulist? Me? Never )This one isn't bad. and let's be honest, it's not innaccurate is it? Somehow, this doesn't surprise me, and given the previous one, is probably fairly accurate ) Unlike JFK, I don't spend half my life chasing blondes. Brunettes, redheads, bright purple, etc, yes, but not blondes... I refuse to believe it ) Or is that the whole point? Only 42% Green? Oh, wait, US Green party... )Probably close enough, if the Dems have a radical libertarian-left reforming branch. And when, exactly, did you ask me about my politics? Oh, you didn't. So you must know all about them then. You're pretty close about the music though... ) I hate the govt because I like punk music? No, I loath this govt because they're a bunch of authoritarian berderline fascists, I like punk music because I like punk music. The two are only vaguely linked, and there's achance I may like the next govt. Unlikely, but still...

Well, what else is a boy to do when he takes the day off ill? Sort the flat, update the websites, the laundry, some washing up, etc? Go away conscience, I saw a pretty picture...
So, Lj sets up a facility so you can, if you chose, list what school or university you went to. Not a bad plan, I like it. So do lots of other people.

Some people though, don't get the point. Did any of these people really study at Hogwarts? And I really doubt this lot are from the Unseen University.

I despair at times. Thanks to [ profile] theweaselking for the links...
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Sep. 20th, 2005 10:49 pm
For those not on [ profile] metaquotes, you've got to love [ profile] flemco:
For the Harry Potter fans and those who loath it, capping the 'dore, and Da Big Snape Dogg.

There are probably some spoilers in there somewhere, but I wouldn't know. Besides, if you're a fan and haven't finished reading it already, WTF are you doing online? It's been out for ages.
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