Jennie asks:
What Does one do when one is missing one's BF terribly?
It's a fair question; her response is to make this massively spoilery Jacobi in Dr Who desktop wallpaper that you probably don't want to look at if you haven't seen Utopia yet.

My response is of course to set it as my desktop, because,w ell, I needed a new one anyway, and this one'll make me smile. Back home safe, knackered, may or may not get through my friends list this evening, doubt it. Oh yeah, news:

New job starting Monday!

Got the phonecall this morning; celebration of said news may have delayed our getting out of bed a bit but, well, y'know. Woo hoo!

Oh yeah, best bit? After I'm trained, I can work from anywhere with a wireless connection (or an ethernet plug), and the walk to work will be fun, it's 5 minutes down the road from here, around the corner from [ profile] nadriel's flat. So that'll be me going to Yorkshire more often then...
How smart are you? I reckon my worthy friends list could take that test and bump the avarages up a bit, right? Good good.

Went to [ profile] oldharrysgame recording last night after work, was good, weirdly, episodes 4 & 6 were recorded, not 3&4, cast availability or something (Gina's full report here. Day off today, have a job interview for a permanent job later, looks good on paper. Might write full report for last night on the community this afternoon/evening. Or I might just do something else, not sure.
It's a bright sunny day and I haven't sneezed once. I spent the night with a beautiful girl who I've fallen for big time. I've spent the afternoon walking Hyde Park taking pictures and listening to music. I've had a nice coffee on a park bench with a bag of spicy Nik Naks. I start my new job on Monday. Life is GOOD.

Sure, my feet are killing me and I won't see Jennie again for over a week, but those are down sides I can live with. Time to head back home, might be able to catch Dr Who if I'm lucky.
ETA: tidied up and tagged from home
Yesterday, I said:
Off to see the lawyers tomorrow morning, hopefully be able to talk about it openly tomorrow evening.
And now I can. This morning, I went to see a local employment lawyer, and checked over the leaving documents. Terms of which are confidential, but I'm happy. I officially finish December 31st, but as the company shuts down for Xmas week, my last working day will be Friday 22nd. After that?

London. 95% certain on that one. I've been applying for a few jobs, but nothing concrete yet. I'll be ok financially for a month or so after getting up there, especially if I live really cheaply, so I'll be up to look for a place to stay &c a bit after Xmas/early new year, as well as obviously trying to get a job. I've unlocked my previous post from August, and I need to really put some effort in to actually making a go of this one.  The jobs market in Devon is pretty flat for mid+ management/analysis roles, even office admin roles are limited, so I'm pretty sure I'm making the right choice.

Probably the second biggest decision of my life, and almost certainly the riskiest, but hey, got to gamble a bit if you want to make it big, right?  There are a few jobs I'm after, and a few more that look interesting, beyond that?  Well, I have a new tag.  Let's see how things go, right?

Wish me luck. I think I might need it...

Oh yeah; if anyone knows of something that I'd be good at, gimme a shout?
OK, posting this one behind a lock for now but...

Spoke to my boss Thursday, he asked me to give him a final decision Monday (tomorrow). My decision? I'll be finishing my current job in December. I'm due a performance bonus, and he's also talking about arranging some sort of pay-off. I'll make sure I've got full details before I give him my decision, of course, but overall, fairly relaxed and happy. It gives me 5 months to finish off, handover, train a replacement and get a new job. Plus, a pay-off will give me enough cash (just) to move somewhere where I'll be happier.

So, 2 questions for you, my wonderful friends list.

Where should I move to?

Let's face it, I'm not actually stuck on any one location, nor am I really that bothered about specific location. Current ideas in my head, in order:
  1. London
  2. Exeter
  3. Leeds
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Germany
  6. Anywhere else
Reasons and rationale )

Question 2?

Gissa job?

More seriously, I've never actually had to look for and apply for a job properly before. I've been incredibly lucky, and every job I've taken I've been offered or been promoted into. So, might as well ask people out there that might possibly know someone offering a decent job. I'll also likely be putting copies of my CV up for feedback over the next few months, I'll need to start in January, but could start earlier if a transitional arrangement could be made.

What I'm looking for/good at )
So, I'm happy to move to anywhere in the country (or Europe), and I want a job that's an interesting challenge I have good transferable skills, but I want out of the industry I'm currently in. Something that interests me in some way would be good, I'm not sure (yet) that I want a direct move into politics of some sort but there is an appeal (it's what my BA is in after all).

Any ideas or suggestions gladly received; I'm not going to start actively looking for a bit, I've got 5 months and I want to relax a little and clear my head.


I need to figure out where I want to live, and figure out what I want to do. Your advice and opinion welcome.

For now, it's time to shower & shave, eat and get out the door, it's about time I saw my friends in Exeter.
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