I have another poll. [livejournal.com profile] pickwick has more on the choice
[Poll #1324685]
And [livejournal.com profile] whouk has doe a different bio Matt Smith is Doctor Who

Still, in no way can he be described as a Pretty Boy, right?
The name of the actor who will replace David Tennant in Doctor Who will be announced on Saturday. There now follows a poll.
[Poll #1324226]
As always, you need to be logged in to vote, Non-LJers almost certainly have some sort of OpenID they can use, LMK if you want me to find the link to the how to I wrote.
Steven Moffat to win Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form for the 2010 series of Doctor Who.

It'll be a nice complement to his short form awards. You lot definitely liked the likely winner this year anyway.

ETA: El Reg has managed to sum up my view of Rusty's term in office quite well, so here's a link.
In other news, I am not well. Neither is SB—we've caught whatever bug Teh Shrub had last week. Consequently I'm barely reading entries and have no energy to comment much (or reply to a few comments). Normal service may be resumed if I can get a good nights sleep.
Um, yeah. Loads of people reacting to it all over the place, and so far all good. Which I have to say I'm in agreement with. So, if you haven't watched it yet, be aware that a) it's a damn good story even if you're not a Doctor Who fan (or even if you generally dislike SF stuff anyway) and b) You can't vote in this poll until you have because, dude, spoilers. And I'm normally one who seeks out spoilers; if I'm telling you to watch it first, that means watch it first, damnit!

[Poll #1000593]

Right, that's it, time to go get some more coffee. Oh, the BBC site has the short story it's based on (that's two great stories in a row based on existing fiction), although I do concur with the person who said the online formatting is awful.
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