Woo Hoo!:
BBC radio is to launch a major cross-station drama season based around the science fiction genre, which will see BBC 7 broadcast its biggest original series commission to date.

The season will be spread over two weeks in February and March and will see BBC Radio 4, Radio 3 and BBC 7 play host to a number of science fiction-themed plays, featuring both original works and adaptations, including Arthur C Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama and Iain M Banks’ The State of the Art.
I loved Rama when I was a kid, but haven't read it since, so that'll be cool. State of the Art definitely makes sense as a Culture adaptation, and the rest of the stuff they talk about sounds very cool indeed. 5 months to wait though :-(

ETA: Paul Cornell is writing the SOTA adaptation, and gave details in an interview on IO9 awhileback:
The other great fun thing is the radio play, an adaptation of Iain Banks' "The State of the Art" for BBC Radio 4, which should go out early next year. We've recorded it, with Sir Antony Sher as the Ship (he's exactly what you expect one of Banks' ships to sound like), Patterson Joseph (who's probably best known for Neverwhere) as Linter, and Nina Sosanya as Sma, and the BBC production job is terrific. I can write 'we feel the presence of the Ship floating beside the car' and they can actually do that! Iain's approved the script. I really want to do some more SF for this lot. Good people.
Woo Hoo! That's the The Marquis De Carabas and the sexy one from Teachers. OK, it's just a radio play, but even so...
Jazz legend Lyttelton dies at 86

Humphrey Lyttelton 1921 - 2008
Humph died peacefully with his family and friends around him on April 25th at 7.00pm following surgery.
There are no words I can say.

RIP Humph.
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Right then, last year, you lot voted that Best Xmas song lyric ever is:
You scumbag, you maggot You cheap lousy faggot
Well, this morning, BBC Radio 1 decided this was offensive to some listeners but then later on in the day saw sense and backed down. I agree with [livejournal.com profile] pickwick, it's a damn shame that the BBC manages to tie itself into hoops as often as it does. Naturally, someone disagrees, and [livejournal.com profile] bagrec doesn't like the song and suggests alternatives. But he's a freaky morris dancing types so you don't want to listen to him ;-)

Elsewhere, it's the Arsehole of the year grand final over at [livejournal.com profile] publicansdecoy's place, and [livejournal.com profile] hullfire already covered the other main stories of the day:
So, Nick Clegg is the new Lib Dem leader and in a monstrous piece of stupidity the Government has lost more of our stuff, but in really important news, RODENTS OF UNUSUAL SIZE ACTUALLY EXIST!
I do have to say I do share some of Jennie's concerns about the potential of Clegg's leadership but I'm nowhere near as cynical about it. He has at least hit the ground running, complete with YouTube appearance filmed on cheapskate handheld already. Although the town meeting idea does sound like it might have some legs.

What, you expected analysis? Don't be silly, I've been reading stuff about it all day, besides, I didn't end up voting, I couldn't make a decision between the two of them, they're both nice blokes. We'll be fine. Right? Someone tell me we'll be fine. Damnit, they need to do better, else the damn country's doomed FFS, that's why I joined them...

Calm. Now I tag this entry. Um, is there a limit to how many you can use? Appears not. Oh, wait, I forgot a link. Be very glad she's going to be a Doctor of paleontology not medical stuff, medical doctors play with gadgets much more scary than microwaves.
Following up from yesterday, this morning's best radio show award goes to Stewart Lee proclaiming the Devil gets the best tunes. Lee of course is co-creator of Jerry Springer: The Opera, and the show, available on Listen Again, has interviews with Andy Hamilton about [livejournal.com profile] oldharrysgame and a bit about the Faustian elements of the Charlie Daniels Band song Devil Went Down To Georgia (which is one of the most played MP3s on my phone). I commend it to you all as a damn good listen.

Unfortunately, Media Watch Watch is less positive about yesterdays court decision:
As it stands, the two judges concluded that the play could not be considered blasphemous “in context”, and as a whole was not and could not reasonably be regarded as aimed at, or an attack on, Christianity or what Christians held sacred. This leaves open the possibility that if some other work could be considered as being - in context - an attack on “Christianity or what Christians held sacred”, then its creators might still be prosecuted under this stupid law.
and Green's bunch of extremist lunatics are going to appeal--here's hoping the Lords really quashes this silly outdated law and tells Green to go get a life. Money quote from the loon himself?
I’m really sympathetic to the freedom of speech argument. But blasphemy is not a matter of free speech, it’s people going out of their way to offend almighty God.
I'm in favour of free speech, except when it's not convenient to me. Mr Green? That's not the point.

Ah well, in more lighthearted news, this map of the world's transit sytems is absolutely brilliant (via).
Guessing I ought to pay attention to the listings a bit more.

ETA: Was rather good. The moving service stations thing was a bit silly, but still. Listen again for one week from now, and it'll be repeated at 12.30pm Sunday.
Jennie and I met because she and [livejournal.com profile] ginasketch came down to London to attend a recording of the News Quiz, a show we were all fans of. Suffice to say I've a little soft spot for the show that inspired Have I Got News For You and is always worth a listen. So these headlines aren't really welcome.
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Broadcaster Alan Coren dies at 69
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Obituary: Alan Coren

RIP mate, you made me laugh many many times
BBC - Radio 4 - Word of Mouth

Talking about the origins and usage of memes.

ETA:It's finished, he was on for about 5 minutes at the beginning, and it's available on listen again. He got the word from the Greek word mymeme(sp?) apparently, and seemingly approves of the usage in quiz memes—it's become a meme in its own right, but thinks it might be a misuse. He even referred to the meme pool, but not seriously.

Apparently blue tits pecking milk bottles was a meme as well, how cool is that? The whole country was covered by this memetic epidemic...
OK, anyone paying attention will have seen me mention the awesome [livejournal.com profile] radio4comedy that is [livejournal.com profile] oldharrysgame a few times, and I've linked to [livejournal.com profile] ginasketch's trailer for it before. but she's finally finished it, so go tell her how cool this is:

Prof: People are fundamentally decent and moral
Satan: *chuckles* Oh, I'm sorry, you were serious...
*puts CD of series 1 back into player*
Tonight, Radio 4, 23.00 GMT. Small Gods. That would be all. Except...

Linda Smith, comedian, performer, campaigner and President of the British Humanist Association, died today. Tributes going to be on Radio 4 a lot this week. This one from Jeremy Hardy is especially good. She'd kept the illness quiet; I was laughing at her jokes so recently.

Someone remind me to join the BHA when my finances are sorted? (approx May I think).
Why this incredible eulogy for a "sporting genius" who hasn't done anything for 30 years?

That's the question just asked on Any Questions. To which my response is I don't know, I don't care, he was a drunken old sop who wasted his life and the only thing he'd done since I was born was work through a succession of gorgeous women he didn't deserve.

It's the top news headline on Radio 4, the Independent had an 8 page supplement and 5 whole news pages for me to get passed before I got to something I cared about. People die, we move on. People who get replacement livers and still drink despite being told not to were going to die early, can we just get over it and move on now?
The problem with being a news junkie is that sometimes the news is the same story repeated. Ad nauseum.

Charles and the horse have gone to Balmoral. I care because? This displaces every other news story in the country and the world because? It even took over the whole of Radio 4 FM this afternoon, they 'split' the service, the regular schedule was long wave only.

I don't have a long wave radio; why not let the minority interest wedding be on the hard to receive frequency so I can listn to what I want to in peace?

it's 0012. It's still the only story the Beeb has covered int he midnight news. y'know,t he main news brodcast of the day.

I don't care! Leave me alone!

In other news, service in the local Orange store is tops; my new Motorola is charging as I type. New contract too; free texts might mean I try to keep in touch with people...

p.s. as 0012 finishes, it goes on to the news about Longbridge; I don't care, but at least it'e real news.
If you're not listening, use the listen again thing later.

Subject: Life on the ocean wave.

Julian Clary:
Years ago, a life on the ocean wave was all the rage, if you hung around Portsmouth then you would have found the streets to be full of discharged seamen...

Clement Freud challenges; Deviation, surely?
Mostly for [livejournal.com profile] nadriel but also for anyone else with comedy taste...

Mitch Benn on Radio 4

Mike, time to be buying one of those plug into the wall radio things old bean. I'd recommend a clock/alarm myself. You may even want to one-up me and get a DAB radio. Or a portable of some sort.

But, anyway. Great radio.
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Dec. 23rd, 2004 06:34 pm
Reminder to Mike, and anyone else online right now, tune to Radio 4. Baddiel's show is great.
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